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Phra Somdej Pim Prathan (Certificate)
Phra Somdej Pim Prathan (Certificate)
Amulet Ref : BA2662
Monk : Pra Buddachan Toh
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Khun In
Year : BE 2411
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Phra Somdej Pim Prathan (Certificate) Phra Somdej Pim Prathan (Certificate)




Pra Somdej Wat Khun In Pim Prathan Mee Phatip

Beautiful textbook example of this classic amulet and in mint condition. Absolutely guaranteed 100% genuine and supplied with a FULL INDEPENDENT CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.

Pra Somdej Kru Khun Intapramul amulets, apart from their age, are very interesting indeed as any serious collector will attest.

Not only has it been firmly established that they were they created at the same time as the original Wat Rakang Somdej amulets, they are also remarkably similar both in design and composition.

All antique amulets, which carry the name “Pra Somdej ”, will have been created by senior monks who were at the very least appointed by Somdej Toh , for example Somdej Pra Sungkaraj Suk Gaitern etc. So it is fairly certain that these pims were created and blessed by a high ranking monk.

What is known for sure is that Somdej Buddhachan Toh had visited this temple on a number of occasions to pay homage to the reclining Buddha. This fact is recorded in history on his many visits to another famous temple of the province, Wat Keschaiyo. It is believed by most experts that at the very least he would have supported the creation of these amulets if not actually created by himself.

Many serious collectors are of the firm opinion that he did indeed create these amulets and can provide considerable factual evidence to substantiate those claims. Further more many competitions permit these amulets in the Somdej Toh class and particularly in Angtong and surrounding provinces.

  The high level action group to fully investigate and prove beyond doubt the provenance, headed by Gen Sak Poancichuue Song Chong Kun, caused a major sensation when reported in the news. This group is comprised of mature and highly respected individuals known to be amulet experts.


This particular amulet is simply beautiful, a classic text book example of this stunning pim. It is now very difficult to find genuine examples of this pim in this condition. BUY FROM US WITH 100% CONFIDENCE YOU ARE GETTING WHAT YOU PAY FOR, AND THATS GUARANTEED

Note that this is an original c. BE 2411 amulet, it is not a later copy / batch or fake that are seen on most other websites. This is the real mcoy, a genuine pim from the Kru.

ALL OUR AMULETS are sourced from the Angtong Thai Amulets Society or directly from the temple committee (Tel: 081-8524981 Phra Kru Wiyset) Such purchases also directly support the temple.
This pim is supplied with Certificate of Authentiocity from the Angtong Thai Amulets Society 


WE DO NOT buy from some dodgy/unscrupulous con merchant selling 20 dollar fakes from the back of his pickup at the temple gates. These unfortunately are the pims that end up on the majority of websites.

If you take the time to visit the temple it is soon obvious that you cant actually buy these amulets and that is why the peddlers at the front door enjoy lucrative trade especially from overseas visitors looking for a bargain.

Counterfeits are also the root cause of much of the misunderstanding about these amulets and in particular where pricing is concerned. I want to put the record straight, NO you cannot buy a genuine pim for 20.00 USD as I have seen written in one online forum.

The minimum price a few years ago was either 150.00 USD or 300.00 USD per pim, only available through the temple committee as a merit donation for repair. The cost has risen since then and our pricing reflects market value, no more, no less.

If you want accurate and precise factual information about these amulets please ask me. Don't waste your time reading the forums that quite frankly are filled with complete nonsense, personal opinions and guesswork.

We are members of both Chom Rom Pra Kruang, Angtong (Angtong Thai Amulets Society) and Samakom, (Thai Buddha Admiration Society, Bangkok) that represent both sides of the debate. If we cant answer your question, we know a man that can !

We would also recommend that you visit the official website for Wat Khun In
where you will be able to see further examples of top grade genuine pims:

Parts of the very detailed investigation and forensics can also be viewed online:


Pra Somdej Kru Wat Khun In - Know the facts

Browse the english language forums about these amulets and you will be totally confused. Without exception these are filled with inaccurate and misleading information , a result of an extended and unfortunate debate over the exact provenance of these beautiful pims.

The Angtong Thai Amulet Society believe they can prrove conclusivelyy that they were indeed created/blessed by Buddhachan Toh, whilst other mainstream societies will not yet offer certification or indeed support the claims either way until there is substantial evidence.

You may view a video on line supporting the cliam at :!

Even some Thai websites are not that much better and one website in particular is continuing to further disseminate false and misleading information albeit through through ignorance.

Unfortunately the website owner like many others makes a very basic mistake, he is unable to dis-associate Somdej Toh from the amulets and as such makes the claim that they are not genuine, a statement based on ignorance.

There is absolutely NO DOUBT about the authenticity of these amulets and that has never been in question, this is historical fact, period! As far as I know there is not one single amulet society that will tell you otherwise.


Wat Khun In, Recovery of Amulets and Repair..
Wat Khun In excavation to recover amulets and repair temple

The dispute is exactly who blessed or created them, and hence the reason why some societies will not authenticate them as Buddhachan Toh amulets. A really simple and straight forward concept, yet often made so complicated.

There is also probably a much darker side to this whole debate which revolves around money, If these amulets were proven to have been blessed by Buddhachan Toh it would have major implications and almost certainly destroy an existing and very lucrative market. As you can imagine there are almost likely to be forces at play to ensure that this does not happen and it would be naive to think otherwise. It is beyond this website to discuss this aspect, but something you may like to consider yourself.

There are four main classes of pim, some of which are quite difficult to distinguish to the untrained eye.

1.Pim Pra praatan (Chairman Buddha Image style)
2.Pim Yai (Large size)
3.Pim Song Chedi (Chedi-shape)
4.Pim Lek or Pim Kanaen (small size)


Pim Prathan



Pim Pra Prathan and Pim Yai are very similar to each other but the body of Buddha Image on Pim Pra Prathan is thicker and bigger than that on Pim Yai.

Pim Yai

Pim Song Chedi

Pim Lek (Kanaen)



Pim Lek or Pim Kanaen has quite a unique design, the style is known as “Silpa Noon Tum”, used later by many famous monks during the period B.E.2460 -B.E.2480, for example Luang Poo Iam of Wat Nung and Luang Poo Suk of Wat Makhamtao. Pim Lek is considered rare and prices equal if not exceed those of the larger pims



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