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Takrut Thong
Takrut Thong
Amulet Ref : BA2848
Monk : Luang Phor Top
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Chondan
Year : BE 2512
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Takrut Thong

Takruts blessed by Luang Phor Top are known to be amongst the very best ever sacralised. This particular very large takrut blessed in BE 2512 is known as Takrut Thong after the colours of the Thai flag. Guaranteed 100% genuine, from my own collection.



Luang Phor Top blessed many amulets throughout his life, including Phra Kring, rien, Phra Phong all of which are now in very high demand. The best known of which is his sacred takrut and is quite unique and instantly recognizable.

All of his takrut are engraved with the scared spell known as Trisaranakom which is highly respected for the power to protect against all forms of danger.

Takrut amulets have been one of the most popular amulets in Thailand since recorded history. It is thought that this kind of amulet will afford protection from evil, danger and black magic

Originally Takrut amulets were made of metal plates called “Takua Sungkawanorn”, a lead alloy. These plates would be carved with sacred spells and rolled up before being bound with strings and covered with a black lacquer to provide strength.

By the way, the Royal Thai Dictionary of B.E.2525 explained that a Takrut is a kind of sacred amulet, made from either metals or leaves of Bai Larn (a species of Thai plant used to record Dharma), and carved with sacred spells before rolled up

We absolutely guarantee authenticity of this Takrut.






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