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Pra Somdej Ok Rong, 9 Chan, - LP Tim
Pra Somdej Ok Rong, 9 Chan, - LP Tim
Amulet Ref : BA3672
Monk : Luang Phor Tim (Lahanrai)
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Lahanrai
Year : BE 2517
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Pra Somdej Ok Rong, 9 Chan, - LP Tim Pra Somdej Ok Rong, 9 Chan, - LP Tim

 Luang Phor Tim - Phra somdej Ok Rong, 9 Chan

Another very rare LP Tim amulet, blessed at Wat Bowin in BE 2517.  This is a really uncommon pim and rates amongst the rarest of the Wat Bowin amulets and is highly desirable. Reverse features LP Tims Yant 5. Supplied with hand made Sterling Silver waterprrof case (Value 70.00 USD). Priced well below the current Thzai market value


LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai, created these amulets as a gift to HM the King, who then later gave the amulets to Thai troops to protect them for danger. This stunning Somdej is very rare indeed as LP Tim blessed but only a few of these pms.

The amulets were created with the help of his very close and dedicated disciple Khun Manoch Laokwunsatit, (Note: Khun Manoch was dedicated disciple that cared for LP Tim up until his very last breath during serious illness in hospital.)

It was to this disciple that LP Tim bequeathed his pillow. According to Thai belief the pillow which supports the neck during sleep is inherently linked to an individuals destiny and fate, and thought particularly auspicious if gifted by a monk, turning bad luck into fortune

This series of LP Tim amulets were released under the name of Wat Bowin, one of many temples other than Wat Lahanrai that have in some way been closely associated with LP Tim.


Experienced collectors will tell you that these are some of the fastest appreciating amulets in the market. Amulets from Wat Lahanrai itself are trading hands at prices that verge on the ridiculous. 

These and many other similar batches are equally as sacred and blessed by the same monk are far better value for money. Although these amulets were created well over 30 years ago they are thought imbued with an immense sacred power.

Worshippers have not only reported the protective power of these amulets but many have claimed that they sense an invisible force or power penetrating the body on close contact. 

LP Tim blessing the Wat Bowin Pims

Wear these amulets and you will undoubtedly experience a similar sensation. I certainly do.
The amulets are composed entirely of sacred components of LP Tim, making them genuine pims in every sense of the word.
LP Tim’sd hairs
LP Tims robes
LP Tims Pong Praai Guman, his most sacred powder.
Luang Phor Tim blessed these amulets continuously for a period of nine months. Monks that were also involved in the final sanctification of these pims include:

Luang Poo Toh of Wat Pradoochimplee
Luang Poo Tim of Wat LahanRai
Luang Poo Sarm of Wat Par Trivivek
Luang Poo Khao of Wat Tumklongpel
Pra Ajahn Wan of Wat Tum Apaidumrongdharma
Luang Poo Dul of Wat Buraparam
Luang Poo Wan of Wat Doi Mae Ping


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