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Phra Pitda - LP Tim BE 2516
Phra Pitda - LP Tim BE 2516
Amulet Ref : BA3097
Monk : Luang Phor Tim (Lahanrai)
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Lahanrai
Year : BE 2516
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Phra Pitda - LP Tim BE 2516


Nowadays Luang Phor Tim’s amulets are without doubt some of the most sought after in Thailand, and as a result many of his amulets have easily doubled in price over the last 12 months and will do so again in the next 12 months.

Not all of his pims are expensive and this pitda blessed by Luang Phor Tim in BE 2516 is one of many and a case in point and not only that it is supplied with a  Certificate of Authenticity issued by G-Pra



These pims were blessed at Wat Yairaa (Wat Suwan Rangsan), Rayong province, by Luang Phor Tim in BE 2516. Lp Tim was Master of the blessing ceremony which was also attended by many well known monks of that province/ era including amongst others:

Luang Phor Tim,  Wat Lahanrai
Luang Phor Cheun,  Wat Mapkha
Luang Phor Hom,  Wat Chakmak   etc

The Abbot of Wat Yaira respected LP Tim immensely and had wanted to pay respect. Luang Phor Tim entrusted a quantity of his sacred Pong Prai Guman powder to him which was used to create these pims. At the same time a number of rien were also created and blessed at the same ceremony.



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