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Luang Phor Thuad BE 2508
Luang Phor Thuad BE 2508
Amulet Ref : BA3025
Monk : Luang Phor Tim (Wat Changhai)
Temple : Wat Changhai
Year : BE 2508
Price : $ 245.00
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Luang Phor Thuad BE 2508 Luang Phor Thuad BE 2508

Wat Changhai, Luang Phor Thuad BE 2508 – Pim Gampoo

All early Luang Phor Thuad pims from Wat Changhai continue to increase in value. Some have become so expensive that they are unaffordable. This particular  BE 2508 Rien LP Thuad, Known as Pim Gampoo is still quite affordable and makes it an attractive choice if you are looking for a genuine amulet blessed by Luang Phor Tim. 

These pims absolutely for sure will prove a good investment. There are a number of variants and this example is Pim Yai, noteable because Luang Phor Thuad is holding a crystal ball.


Rien Luang Phor Thuad (pim yai) blessed by Luang Phor Tim, Wat Changhai in BE 2508. 



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