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Takrut LP Tim (Wat Lahanrai)
Takrut LP Tim (Wat Lahanrai)
Amulet Ref : BA2647
Monk : Luang Phor Tim (Lahanrai)
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Lahanrai
Year : BE 2513
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Takrut LP Tim (Wat Lahanrai) Takrut LP Tim (Wat Lahanrai)

An entirely original, hand engracved takrut blessed by Luang Phor Tim and supplied with full independent  Certificate of Authenticity 

These highly distinctive takruts are highly sought after but there is always an issue determining authenticity and as such an example with certificate is a considered a premium amulet.


Many consider that these takruts are a precious heritage and highly recommended

These takrut amulets were part of a series known as Sao Ha and released from Wat Pailom, Rayong with the blessing ceremony being held on the 22nd August BE 2513 and attended by nine well known monks of that era. Luang Phor Tim was master of the ceremony.

These amulets were made to gain much needed funds to support the renovation of Wat Pailom, Barnkai, Rayong.





Namo Tassa Pakavato Arahato Summa Sum Buddhassa x3

Suppa Buddha Nupavena
Suppa Dharma Nupavena
Suppa Sungka Nupavena

A Nupavena x3

Jong Yoo Tai Buddha Barami


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