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Takrut Tohn
Takrut Tohn
Amulet Ref : BA3656
Monk : Luang Phor Jan
Size : 4 inches
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Naa Khu
Year : BE 2470
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Takrut, Luang Phor Jan (Very Rare)

If you are looking for a seriously good takrut at an affordable price then I could not recommend anything more highly. These takruts are also genuinely rare, so please do not pass this opportunity. Takrut is guaranteed genuine for life.

In times gone by there were a number of takruts that were closely  associated with Thai Nak Leng, from Angthong and Ayutthya provinces, which loosely translated referred to the  ''Hard Men", Mafia, and Thugs and this is one of them.. Takruts blessed by Luang Phor Jan Tachote from Wat Naa Khu, Pakhai,  Ayuttaya were  highly prized believed to be extremely powerful.


Other takrut associated with Nak Leng were Luang Phor Pu, Wat Don Rak, Luang Phor Pak, Wat Boht


Puta Sang

Manga Lang
Loh Gay Ra Dta Nang
Tam ma Sang
Manga Lang
Loh Gay Ra Dta Nang
Sang Ka Sang
Manga Lang
Loh Gay Ra Dta Nang


These takrut were well known for "Kong Grapan Awut", or protection from weapons, also "Bpong Gan Kieow Ngaa", protection from ivory and fang and also a strong defense against the spirit world.

It is said that once you wear this takrut you loose fear of everything.

This particular Takrut is 4 inches in length , made from wood with a takrut inside. The internal takrut is made from '' Tong Leung Faabaat'' or a brass monks alms bowl inscribed by hand with sacred yant and 81 sacred symbols before being rolled by hand. It is said by the older generatuion that each takrut took Luang Phor Jan about 6 hours to inscribe and roll during the night hours and is referred to as Dtee Jon Baen

The Thai term ''Dtee Jon Baen'' literally means to strike, but in this case it refers to each hour between 1am to 5am, and originates from olden times when night watchmen would strike the bell on each hour during the night to reassure local residents of their safety and alert them to the time.

The engraving to the takrut is deep and clear, and its this precision and attention to detail that ensure its unique power.

Today takruts blessed by Luang Phor Jan are very rare.  We are talking about a real takrut here, and it should not to be confused with the modern imitations. In fact this is  the very reason  it is contained within any standard reference work detailing the top / most desirable takruts ever created.


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