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Pra Leela
Pra Leela
Amulet Ref : BA2079
Monk : Mass Chanted
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Suthat
Year : BE 2500
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Pra Leela Pra Leela

Phra Leela 25 Sattawas - Wat Suthat BE 2500 

An amulet often used as an excellent substitute for the Phra Thung Seti pims from Kamphengpet province in a modern benjapakee collection.  Original pims from Kamphengpet will cost a small fortune. 

his Phra Leela amulet blessed at Wat Suthat in BE 2500 and is supplied with a stainless steel case

One online article written by a Thai collector beautifully described this amulet. 

''Strangely and ironically, some professional collectors sell high-price amulets costing may thousands or millions of Baht, but an amulet of 25 Buddha Sattawas is hiding in his shirt pocket !! ''





The amulets were created on that auspicious occasion with the support and sponsorship of the Thai government. Due to their important nature, the production process and consecration ceremony were conducted at Wat Suthat. All primary materials for making the amulets were blessed continually for three days, commencing February 9th until the 11th B.E.2500 by 108 Great Guru monks.




After the amulets finished, they were blessed continually for another three days from May 2nd-5th, B.E.2500.


Below is the list of some of 108 Great Gurus who conducted the great blessing, many of them are the Gurus who had blessed the Buddha Chinnaraj Indochine 2485: 


  LP Nak, Wat Rakhang
  LP Chong, Wat Natangnok
  LP Ngern, Wat Don Yaihom
  LP Tae KongThong, Wat Sam Ngam 
  LP Plian, Wat Tai
  LP Chaeng, Wat Bangpang
  LP Lee, Wat Asokaram
  LP Lee, Wat Asokaram
  LP Klaai, Wat SuanKhan
  LP Tzai, Wat Sadej
  LP Hiang, Wat PaaAranYikawas
  LP Pae, Wat PikulThong
  LP Roong, Wat ThaKrabue
  LP Hom, Wat Chakmak
  LP Aant, Wat Phra Yatikaram
  LP Lek, Wat Bangnomkho
  LP ThongSook, Wat Tanod Luang
  LP Nai, Wat Ban Chaeng
  LP Thian, Wat Bost
  LP Sie, Wat Sakae
  LP Top, Wat Chon Daen
  LP Toh, Wat Praduchimplee
  LP Chan, Wat Klong Ranong
  LP Nor, Wat Klang Tharua
  LP PhraKru Arkom Sunthorn(Maa)
  Phra Achran Saa, Wat Rajnadda
  Phra Kru VinaiThorn(Fuang) Wat Sam Phanthawongse
  LP Pak, Wat Bung Thong Lang
  Chao Khun Chia, Wat Phrachetuphon
  Phra IndraSmacharn, Wat Indraviharn
  Chao Khun Phol, Wat Nang
  LP Puak, Wat Moli
  LP Thaen, Wat Dhammasaen
  LP Butra, Wat Mai BangPlakod
  LP Thira Wat Pah Lelai
  LP Hom, Wat Chakmak
  LP Sie, Wat Sakae
  LP Top, Wat ChonDaen
  LP Sook, WatThanod Luang
The Baked clay 25 Buddha Sattawas amulets were mixed with:
  holy soil from 4 memorial places related to the Buddha in India, place of birth, enlightenment, first teaching, and pass-away.
  holy soil from the spot (at Buddha Mondhon) where the grand standing Buddha was built.
  broken old antique amulets of Somdej, Nangphya, Khun Paen, Phra Rod, etc.
  Holy soil from major temples across the country.
  108 kinds of herbs, and flowers from respecting altar of many temples

Most of the baked clay amulet are brick colour, pale yellow, while black, gray, grey-green, or chocolate colour in appearance.


This amulet is highly recommended. It should at least grace the collection of any serious collector.


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