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Pra Kru Thung Sethi (Somkor)
Pra Kru Thung Sethi (Somkor)
Amulet Ref : BA3598
Monk : Phra kru
Status : SOLD
Temple : Phra Kru Kampaengphet
Year : 400-600 years
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Pra Kru Thung Sethi (Somkor) Pra Kru Thung Sethi (Somkor) Pra Kru Thung Sethi (Somkor)

Phra Somkor (Benjapakee)

These amulets are recovered from a sacred kru in Kampaengphet province. Highly sought after

The Somkor pim  is sometimes called the Buddha of Fortune. It was said that when these amulets were found, an inscription "Poverty will never fall on those who possesses this amulet " was written in the chedi.


Phra Somkor normally comes in either the shape of a thumbnail, or an oval shape commonly referred to as cake amulets (kanom). They are estimated to have been made some 600 years ago.

These pims originate from a number of temples within the province of kampaengphet. In fact the majority of pims come from a site known as  Thung-Sethi, located in the centre of old Nakon Chum, hence the name of the pim.


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