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Phra Pong Somdej 7 Chan
Phra Pong Somdej 7 Chan
Amulet Ref : BA1067
Monk : Luang Phor Oun
Temple : Wat Tangong
Year : BE 2518
Price : $ 69.00
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Phra Pong Somdej 7 Chan Phra Pong Somdej 7 Chan

Early Somdej blessed in BE 2518 by Luang Por Unn Sukamo, Wat Tankong, Marbplakhao district, Ampuer Tha Yang, Phetburi Province. A highly respected and revered guru monk.


Many people have related special occurrences whilst wearing amulets consecrated by this master. Amongst the most widely reported experiences are successful business dealings and improvement in inter-personal relationships.

One of the most famous incidences related to a man who was robbed and shot with a revolver. All the ammunition pierced his outer garments but none penetrated his body. He was wearing an amulet by Luang Phor Unn at the time to which he he attributed his lucky escape.

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