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Somdej Pim Yai Lang Yant Jom, Bangkhunprom 02
Somdej Pim Yai Lang Yant Jom, Bangkhunprom 02
Amulet Ref : BA2846
Monk : Luang Phor Lumpoo
Size : 3.4 x 2.3 cm
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Bangkhunprom
Year : BE 2502
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Somdej Pim Yai Lang Yant Jom, Bangkhunprom 02 Somdej Pim Yai Lang Yant Jom, Bangkhunprom 02

A classic BE 2502 Bangkhunprom pim blessed by Luang Phor Lumpoo in stunning original condition. This is Pim Yai with the unmistakable Yant Jom to the reverse. Supplied with full Certificate of Authenticity
Luang Phor Lumpoo, formerly Lumpoo Rerng-rukrian, was born on November 27th, B.E.2444, to the family of Mr. Kong and Mrs. Pew, locals of ThaRua District, Ayudhaya Province:- the same town in which Somdej Phra PhutDhacharn (Toh) had been born in B.E. 2331 (and passed away in B.E 2415).

On May 1st, B.E.2465, he was officially ordained as a Buddhist monk at Wat Gaijun in the same province and in B.E.2469, he had moved to Wat Mai Amataros (Bankhunprom) when in B.E.2502 he was appointed as the temple’s vice abbot.

Sacred Power 

Luang Por Lumpoo was highly respected for his sacred power and in particular to cure disease, dispel evil and other black magic. Many people would arrive at the temple on a daily basis to be cured by this great monk. He passed away on September 1st, B.E.2533 after several decades of service.

Sacred amulets

Luang Phor Lumpoo began to create Phra Pong amulets (or sacred-powder amulets) in B.E.2502 and as such this amulet is considered a first generation amulet. His amulets were made almost entirely from old Bangkhunprom amulet fragments from the original 2410 amulets blessed by Phra Budhachan Toh and as such highly efficacious and can easily be used as a substitute for the early originals. Amulet is in lovely condition full of character.

Two Kru

Some of  his amulets were kept into two Kru (cells), located in his kuti (monk house) and also in a kru beneath a big Bhoti tree in front of his kuti. Although most of his amulets are quite white or yellow in colour, those kept in the kru tend to be red-yellow in colour.


Generally his Phra Pong amulets appear very similar in appearance to those amulets created in BE 2509, (the most expensive batch this century: 500-1500 USD). This is because the composition is almost identical.

The major difference is that Luang Phor Lumpoo’s amulets tend to be somewhat softer, and the reverse tends to be rougher in appearance with various tumours etc.

In addition many of his amulets were also stamped with red ink after placing in the Kru in BE 2519.

Essentially there are 11 pims :

His amulets are still very good value for money , and can easily be substituted for the more expensive BE 2509 batches. Good for metta, protection and attractiveness.
Pim Yai
  Pim Sendai
  Pim Songchedi
  Pim Ket Talu Sum
  Pim Sangkhati
  Pim Prokbhoti
  Pim Tankoo
  Pim Tarnsam
  Pim Okkrut
  Pim Kanaen
  Pim Janloi
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