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Phra Somdej Neua Bailarn
Phra Somdej Neua Bailarn
Amulet Ref : BA3314
Monk : Luang Phor Yu
Size : 3.5 x 2.4 cm
Temple : Wat Dukkanon
Year : BE 2450
Price : $ 165.00
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Phra Somdej Neua Bailarn Phra Somdej Neua Bailarn

Phra Somdej, Pim Bailarn, blessed by Luang Phor Yu at Wat Dukkanon in BE 2450 thats over a century ago.  A stunning pim that is one of the all time greats.



Legendry Phra Somdej Amulets - Luang Phor Yu

Phra Somdej amulets are unquestionably some of the most popular and highly respected of all Thai amulets and none more so than the Somdej amulets created by Luang Phor Yu of Wat Dukkanon, Chainat province. 

It was said that these amulets were so powerful that even a criminal shot by police in front of dozens of witnesses remained uninjured.

This event occurred in Nakhon Sawan province, and is one of many miraculous events associated with this Somdej amulet blessed by an old time guru monk, Luang Phor Yu. Such is the reputed power of this amulet, it is in greater demand today than it was decades ago and there are very good reasons for this.

Luang Phor Yu Tisaro, is officially recorded as the first abbot of Wat Dukkanon and was highly respected for his sacred amulets and sciences.

He was also a close friend of Luang Poo Suk of Wat Makhamtao, one of Thailand’s most sacred monks and Luang Phor Kong of Wat Bangkapi.

Because these monks were such close friends and all regarded as highly sacred the trio during that period became known as “Suk Kong Yu”, which meant “happiness prevails eternally”.


It was said that the three sacred monks taught each other sacred sciences to the extent that their power was considered equal.

It should be of no surprise that Luang Phor Yu's Somdej amulets also contain powders blessed by Luang phor Suk, who incidentally it is said co-desiogned these amulets and alkso blessed them. At the time these amulets were referrede to as Phra Somkdej Yu Suk

What however maybe of some suprise is that these amulets contain original Somdej Toh powders and explains why these amulets are considered so special.

Luang Phor Yu learnt sacred sciences from Somdej Toh at Wat Bangkhunprom where he is known to have collected these powders from the great monk. It is also here that he learnt the requisite sciences to create Somdej amulets.

You will note that in reverence to his sacred teachers the design of his Somdej amulets purposely resembles those of Wat Rakhang.

These sacred Somdej amulets were only discovered recently in a secret Kru at Wat Dukkanon in BE 2530 but have since mostly disappeared from the markets. Those that are lucky enough to own an original amulet are generally not interested to part with a such a valuable item. 

Clearly with such popular amulets the market is dominated by fake pims so be warned. It is for this reason we are delighted to be able to offer yoiu a number of original amulets, all fully guaranteed.

Sacred Materials

-Sacred powder of Somdej Buddhachan Toh,
-Sacred powder of Luang Poo Suk
-Sacred powder of Luang Poo Yu

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