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Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50
Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50
Amulet Ref : BA3054
Monk : Ajahn Sackorn
Size : 5.5
Temple : Wat Lahanrai
Year : BE 2552
Price : $ 65.00
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Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50

Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50

This Ajahn Sackorn Takrut, known as Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50 was blessed in BE 2552. Supplied with original temple box

Luang Phor Sakorn Manun-yo, sacred monk of Wat Nongklub, Bankai District, Rayong Province, was a close disciple of Luang Phor Tim Isarigo, the famous sacred monk of Wat Lahanrai, Rayong Province and this Takrut was made in strict adherance to his sacred sciences.


Sacred Materials - Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50 amulets are made of several kinds of sacred constituents as follows:

LP Tim's Pong Khun Paen charming powder
Pong Prai Guman Powder(red and black)
Wan 108 sacred powder
Changpasomklong charming oil
Wan Dokmaitong charming powder
Wan Taolong charming powder.
Rukson charming powder.


Takrut Mahajone Trimas 50 amulets are respected for the sacred power that could help worshippers succeed in love and businesses, whilst at the same time offer protection from danger.

These amulets were blessed by a number of sacred monks including Luang Phor Sakorn and Luang Phor Sin.

Luang Phor Tone of Wat Khaonoi Kiriwun
Luang Por Joi of Wat Nongnumkiaw
Luang Por Charn of Wat Bangbor

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