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Pra Pitda
Pra Pitda
Amulet Ref : BA3362
Monk : Luang Phor Rot
Temple : Wat Kho Non
Year : BE2470
Price : $ 150.00
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Pra Pitda Pra Pitda

Pra Pitda - Luang Phor Rot, Wat Kho Non, Bangkok.


Beautiful example of this rare pitda pim, blessed by Luang Phor Rot, Wat Kho Non.




Wat Kho Non is located in Phasi Charoen, Bangkok and is well known to amulet collectors as two very famous monks have originated from here, namely;  Luang Phor Rot and Puang Phu Iam Suwannanasaro, the former abbot of Wat Nang Bangkhuntien, Bangkok. Luang Phor Iam, the student of Luang Phor Rot, became abbot of Wat Kho Non after he passed away.

The exact history of Luang Phor Rot is not entirely known. What is known is that he was a native to Klong Baang Kwang, amphur Bang Khunthian, Thonburi, where he was ordained a monk at Wat Nang. He was a student to the abbot, Pra Niroht Ransee and studied the science of meditation to a high level.

When LP Niroht passed away he assumed the position temporarily before becoming Abbot at Wat Nang Nong by royal decree.

It was at this time during the reign of King Mongut that he was unfortunately stripped of his clerical  title and expelled from the temple for refusing a royal Kathin, (robes presented to monks) He returned home.

However history records that whilst at the temple he became widely known for his expertise in Wicha Akom and Wittayakom (incantations / magic) and his deep knowledge of  Gaanton Kun-Na-Sai (extraction of black magic)

It is also recorded that he would often go on pilgrimage into the forests and was never injured by many of the fierce animals especially elephant herds that he would often encounter.

He was well known for his sacred amulets and in  particular his pitda pims for which he is best known. These sacred amulets were generally carved from auspicious woods, with mulberry paper inscribed with sacred yant inserted into the base. His amulets are believed to possess unusual virtue. Much of his knowledge and expertise was passed onto his disciple Luang Phor Iam, also famous for his pitda amulets.



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