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Rien Luang Phor Kong
Rien Luang Phor Kong
Amulet Ref : BA2696
Monk : Luang Phor Neuang
Temple : Wat Julamanee
Year : BE 2529
Price : $ 69.00
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Rien Luang Phor Kong Rien Luang Phor Kong

This sacred coin, or rien, is well known to amulet collectors as it commemorates the famous monk, Luang Phor Kong of Wat Bang Gapom. It was blessed at a very large ceremony held at Wat Julamanee, in BE 2529 by his disciple Luang Phor Neuang. Also in attendenace were many other famous monks of that era

Amulet is in remarakable condition and supplied with a full independent Certificate of Authenticity


at Bang-Gapom is an ancient temple believed to have been constructed in the year BE 2312 or in the Ayuttaya period. Who actually built the temple is unknown for sure but legend chronicles the story of a wealthy wicker ware merchant that traded technology to the military in exchange for a sacred Buddhist statue.

A small temple, Wat Lae Wihan, was constructed to house the image. The temple was camouflaged with wicker ware to protect it from enemy forces, hence the more descriptive name Bang-Gapom.It is also believed that King Chakri ordained at this temple during the reign of Somdej Loetla Nabhalai, the monk responsible for the beautiful wall murals

A number of venerable monks have been associated with this temple throughout the years and in particular the abbot Luang Phor Kong, one of the most famous monks from Samut Songkhram.


Luang Phor Kong was born inSamut Songkhrem province during  the year BE 2408 and passed away in the year BE 2486 having devoted 56 years to the Buddhist faith.

He became a novice monk at the age of 12 and formally enetereed the priesthood in the year BE 2427 at the age of 20 at Wat Meuang Mai Amperamphawa. Present during his ordination were Pra Ajahn Duang, who was the preceptor, Pra Atigan Jui, Wat Bang Gor and Pra Atigan Tim. In BE 2448 he was invited by the people opf Tambon Bang to take up the vacant position of Abbot at Wat Bang Gapom.


LP Kong studied Dharma under Luang Phor Nok. He is also known to have studied various Buddhist disciplines and sciences from many notable monks of that era. For example Luang phor Rai, Wat Kaoyeesan, Samut Songkhram, Luang phr Tim, Wat Meuang Mai, Luang Phor Run, Wat Chang Peuak,. Somdej Pra PutKhosajanrit, Wat Arun, Thonburi, L:uang Phor Tong, Wat Wat Kaogop,. Ratchaburi, Luang Phor Pahn, Wat Rongtam.

Luang Phor Kong himself had many disciples himself,  who likewise, are today very famous. For exa,mple Luing Phor Chaeng, Wat Bangpan, Luang Phor Neuang, Wat Julamanee

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