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Pra Neua Din - Pim Sam Liam
Pra Neua Din  - Pim Sam Liam
Amulet Ref : BA3600
Monk : Luang Phor Puang
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Kok Bangkuntian
Year : BE 2473
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Pra Neua Din  - Pim Sam Liam Pra Neua Din  - Pim Sam Liam

Pra Neaua Din Pim Sam Liam - Luang Phor Puang.

Really beautiful amulet blessed by Luang Phor Puang in BE 2473 at wat Kok, known as Pim Sam Liam , a rare amulet. Supplied with a full Certificate of Authenticity


Wat Kok, was established by a royal official named Sena Kok therefore it was named so. Sena Kok was also supported by other two royal officials namely Sena Tepsak and Sena Teprach, who both helped to build the temple.

Luang Phor Puang

Luang Phor Puang was a highly revered guru monk of a previous generation.
He  was born in Bangkhuntian, a district of Bangkok, in B.E.2400. He was ordained at the age of 20 years at Wat Kok by Luang Phor Wat Hua Kraber and Luang Phor Kong, both of whom also taught the young monk sacred sciences amongst many others.

He also is known to have travelled into deep forest to practice meditation and increase his mind power. In fact to such an extent he was known as the monk that could see what could not be seen.

Even today some former disciples can recount events that took place several decades ago, such was the influence of this great monk. An example in case is that of a story recounted by Yern Boofug, today aged about 81. He revealed that his mother was taken seriously ill and was admitted to hospital.

The physician present was unable to help his mother and her condition was worsening by the day. By chance Yern Boofug met with Luang Phor Puang.

The senior monk had advised him “You should seek a new physician for your mother otherwise her condition will become critical. This was somewhat of a shock as he had not even mentioned his mother. As a precaution he moved her to a different clinic were her recovery was rapid. Not only had he saved her life he gained the utmost respect  “Without Luang Phor Puang’s suggestion my mother would have died. How he could have known is beyond me.”

A somewhat similar story is recounted by Jong Pungprom the maker of the moulds for the first batch of sacred amulets in BE 2473.

In fact this batch, made from baked clay is known to have saved many lives and also increasing worshippers fortune.

Luang Phor Puang was known as a virtuous monk that strictly abided by Lord Buddhas Dhama, never touching money, never becoming angry and lived as a strict vegetarian all his life.

Needless to say all the first batch BE 2473 pims are now very rare, and when you consider that Luang Phor Punag died in BE 2480 you will understand that little time existed to make many more after and as such are very highly sought after

His funeral was attended by a very large gathering that paid their last respects and give homage to one of the great former guru monks of Bangkok.


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