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Takrut Narai Plangroop 1st Gen 2514
Takrut Narai Plangroop 1st Gen 2514
Amulet Ref : BA2547
Monk : Ajahn Nong
Size : 20 mm
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Saikaow
Year : BE 2514
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Takrut Narai Plangroop 1st Gen 2514

Phra Ajahn Nong, the former abbot of Wat Saikhao created  a sacred takrut known as Narai Plangroop, (believed to protect the worshipper from all dangers, enemies and black magic power) 

 This is a GENUINE 1st generation BE 2514 takrut that is in perfect condition. 


We would recommend this takrut highly and any discerning purchaser will have no hesitation in purchasing this most desirable amulet. In addition these really can really look very special when framed correctly. 




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