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Pra Pitda Maha Sanay - LP TOH (Kru Mai)
Pra Pitda Maha Sanay - LP TOH (Kru Mai)
Amulet Ref : BA1866
Monk : Luang Phor Toh
Temple : Wat Praduchimplee
Year : BE 2521
Price : $ 140.00
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Pra Pitda Maha Sanay - LP TOH (Kru Mai) Pra Pitda Maha Sanay - LP TOH (Kru Mai)

Prapidta Mahasanay,  B.E.2521  - LP Toh Wat Praduchimplee


This series of Pra Pitda amulets blessed by Luang Phor Toh in BE 2521 have only just been released 34 years after the original ceremony.There is only a limited quantity and this price will rise very quickly that you can be sure of. In fact the base price of these amulets has risen within the last 24 hours


The amulets were created by Luang Phor Lom , abbot of Wat Ladplaklao, Bangkok, a close disciple of Luang Poo Toh, the sacred monk of Wat Praduchimplee. This particular temple had close associations with Wat Praduchimplee and in fact created another series  in BE 2509 which LP Toh also blessed.


Luang Phor Toh chaired the blessing ceremony for these pitda amulets which was also attended by many other senior monks of that era including:


Luang Poo Toh
Luang Phor Sud of Wat Kalong, Samutsakorn Province
Luang Phor Prom of Wat Kanonner, Ayuddhaya Province
Luang Phor Cham of Wat Donyai-hom, Nakonpathom Province
Luang Phor Rerm of Wat Chukacher, Cholburi Province
Luang Poo Kummi of Wat Tumkuhasawan, Lopburi Province
Luang Poo Rian of Wat Bangrahong, Nonthaburi Province

Luang Phor Sai of Wat Bangrak-yai, Nonthaburi Province
Luang Phor Seng of Wat Bang Na, Pathumtani Province


These new pims were released on the 8th  September , B.E.2555, in order to raise funds to support the temple’s renovation. It is not often that such amulets are released to the public and as such represent a really good purchase.

The amulets are made primarily of Ittajay powder and feature the Yant Buddho to the reverse.


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