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Phra Pitda Maha-Ut
Phra Pitda Maha-Ut
Amulet Ref : BA3001
Monk : Luang Phor Jerm
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Hoi Rak
Year : BE 2499
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Phra Pitda Maha-Ut Phra Pitda Maha-Ut

Initially Luang Phor Jerm did not create any amulets as he preferred teaching Dharma . 

After repeated requestes from devotees and disciples he began the process to create a batch of sacred amulets, He started by collecting the sacred materials required, a process which took almost 8 years to complete, with the first batch pressed into mould in the year BE 2499.


It may be hard to appreciate why it takes 7 years to create an amulet, especially when compared to modern day amulets. The following list of auspicious components may give you some idea of the reason why and also the difference between amulets created then and now.

List of Luang Phor Achito's Sacred Materials

108 bowls of Wan 108

108 balls of soil from deep seas

108 balls of soil from Pakpanung River

108 balls of soil from 108 temples

108 balls of soil from 108 rice fields

108 balls of soil from 108 beaches

108 balls of soil from 108 gardens

108 balls of soil from 108 crabs’ holes

108 balls of soil where grass would not germinate

108 balls of soil from 108 termite nests

108 balls of soil from 108 ponds

108 balls of ash collected from corpses who died on Saturdays and burnt on Tuesdays

108 balls of ash of Bai-larn books
108 balls of soil from three graveyards
108 balls of soil collected from pigs' tails
108 cups of powder ground from flowers, which were used to worship Lord Buddha on full-moon Saturdays

Water from Chai-rat Mountain, which covers Chumporn and Prachuap Kiri khan Provinces
Water collected from church roofs on Mondays the 10 according to ther Thai ancient lunar calendar

(Note: Monday is respected as a sacred day on which to create amulets, a day which could increase worshippers' attractiveness)

An additional 700 other auspicious materials were used, but not listed, and many other monks helped him collect these including Luang Phor Pian.

In B.E.2499 all sacred materials were pressed into the moulds and were were blessed for a period of five years.

Some sacred spells such as Pramahamern were repeatedly recited as many as 10,000 times.


According to Luang Phor Jerm he spent as many as four months to mix all the sacred materials together and even the moulds had taken as long as three years to complete.

Luang Phor Jerm also said that even first day that the amulets were given to his followers was Sunday the 8th of the 12th month of the Thai lunar calendar. A date respected as the day of Eternal Luck and Blessings by Lord Buddha.

Luang Phor Jerm reminded those that he gave amulets to that they should live life with honesty, integrity and pure conscience, to follow the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Moreover Luang Por Achito also told his followers to give rice and water to the sacred amulets on every Saturday or Tuesday and before they left their houses they must put the amulets over their heads and ask for protection from the amulets.

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