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Pra Pitda Dtat - LP Bunhai
Pra Pitda Dtat - LP Bunhai
Amulet Ref : BA1245
Monk : Luang Phor Bunhai
Temple : Wat Thamuang
Year : c. BE 2547
Price : $ 65.00
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Pra Pitda Dtat - LP Bunhai Pra Pitda Dtat - LP Bunhai

Uncommonm pitda amulet blessed by one of Thailands great living monks, Luang Phor Bunhai. This pim, made from the sacred alloy Loh-Ha is known as Phra pitda Dtat, or ''waterfall''. Almost all the amulets blessed by Luang Phor Bunhai are highly collectible as over the years very few batches have exceeded more than a few hundred pims. Serial number of this amulet is


Venerable monk Luang Phor Bunhai Pathumoh, Abbot of Wah Thamuang is today probably one of the most highly respected monks from the province of Nakhon Sri Thamarat. In fact he is often called ''Thep Prajao Paak Dtai'', or God of Southern Thailand.

He was ordained on the  29th June BE 2490 at Wat Pra Hom, Chian Yai district of the same province and given the name Pathumoh meaning Dok Bua or Lotus. As a monk he devoted all his time to the study of  Dhama, southern Wicha, Katha Arkom and Wittaya Arkom (magic/occult incantation).



He also was known to have studied sacred sciences at The Monastic School, Wat Khao Or , Wat Tamot and Wat Donsala from great masters such as Pra Ajahn Tong, Pra Ajahn Nam.

He was also disciple of Phor Tan Jap Wat Taa Li Pong where he studied together with another of the great Southern Keji Ajahns, Phor Tan Euam, Wat Baang Niam

In BE 2494 he moved to Wat Khamaophirataram, Nonthaburi to study Tripitaka until he was invited to take up the position of Abbot at Wat Tha Maduea, Khai Chaison in Pattalung P:rovince.

In BE 2513 he moved again to take up position of Abbot at Wat Thamuang, Nakhon Sri Thamarat where initially he was not welcomed by the local villagers.

The temple itself was in a bad state of disrepair, but despite the lack of local support he was not disheartened and devoted his life to the Buddhist faith and rebuilding the temple brick by brick. His unwavering determination did not go unnoticed and he was soon rewarded with a genuine respect that has endured his entire life.

Together with the local villagers the temple was  reconstructed over the following decade, with each year seeing the construction of another small part of the temple.

Not surprisingly his amazing dedication was recognized when  in BE 2528 he was promoted to Ecclesiastical head of Pak Phun. In BE 2551, at the age of 80, he was gain promoted to position of Ecclesiastical district officer.

Nowadays the temple is crowded daily with people travel from all over the country to receive blessing from this great monk, with visitors arriving as early as 5. 00 am and not departing until almost midnight.

The locals now refer to him as the diamond of Nakhon because of his beautiful heart and compassionate nature.

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