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Pra Pitda
Pra Pitda
Amulet Ref : BA3128
Monk : luang Phor Gaew
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Khruea Wan
Year : BE 2350
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Pra Pitda Pra Pitda


Looking at the history of Pitda amulets, some of the very best have originated from Chonburi province, for example:

1. Pra Pitda Luang Phor Dtoh, Wat Nern
2.  Pra Pitda  Luang Phor Kreep, Wat Samata
3. Luang Phor Jiam, Wat Kamphaeng
4. Luang Phor Jeen Wat Talad Neua etc

Pra Pitda blessed by Luang Phor Gaew, Wat Khruea Wan. are without doubt classed amongst this prestigious group.


They are extremely rare and should never be purchased with an independent certificate of authenticity. 

Nobody knows the exact history of Luang Phor Gaew. Some of the older generation say that he originated from Phetchaburi, and that he arrived in Chonburi from Meuangphet whilst on pilgrimage.

Luang Phor Gaew resided at Wat Khruea Wan, a temple which in that era was unfurnished and desolate. In fact he spent most of his time in the company of Luang Phor Poo.

Although he was not the abbot of the temple many of the local villagers asked Luang Phor Gaew for his help as it was generally believed that he  possessed Katha Aakom Klang, or a mysterious power.


The villagers were trying to complete the construction of the temple and were required to enter deep jungle to collect suitable wood for the purpose.

Luang Phor Gaew created a Pitda amulet made from lead and mercury to be worn as a form of protection from black magic and  spirits. It is believed that mercury in particular had the power to ward away evil. The amulet was known as Pra Pitda ''Laak Sung'' which literally translates as ''Drags Logs''

At the same time he created a Pitda amulet made from Pong mixed with Rak. This unique pim featured a prominent concave surface to the rear  which featured a Buddha  image and was known as Pra Pitda Neua Galaa .


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