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Pim Phra Nak Prok Prathat Nadoon
Pim Phra Nak Prok Prathat Nadoon
Amulet Ref : BA249
Monk : Phra kru
Size : 5.5 x 3.5 cm
Status : SOLD
Temple : Prathat Nadoon
Year : 1,000 yrs
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Pim Phra Nak Prok Prathat Nadoon Pim Phra Nak Prok Prathat Nadoon

An exquisitely beautiful amulet. We promise you will not be dissapointed !

Maha Srakam is one of the most important sites of ancient property in the Thai Kingdom, apart from several ancient Khmer style chedi, there have been numerous discoveries of ancient amulets and antiques.

It was at Nadoon, a district of the province, that some of the most beautiful amulets were unearthed in an ancient kru, such as the 1,000 year old pims from a cell named “Kru Pra Boromtart Nadoon”.



It was recorded that more than 40 different Pims were discovered including Pim Lila, Pim, Pim Prok Koo, Pim Prok Koo Tuddiaw, Pim Pratanporn, Pim Patiharn, Pim Si lium, Pim Vow Chula, Pim Si Mum Merng, Pim Sam Liuam, Pim Mokala, Pim Salibutr, etc. The Buddha amulets from Maha Sarakham's Nadoon Stupa were excavated in 1979 and are believed to have been made by royal craftsmen 1,000 to 1,300 years ago.

This pim is known as Pim Nak Prok. Also referred to as Pim Niyom. Considered to be the most beautiful and consequently the most desirable and precious of all the pims.

Ms Somsuda Ratanin of Otago University of New Zealand analysed these amulets and found that they are predominately  made of sand, rice, stones and sticky rice, and other unidentified components. 

After 1,300 years the majority of these amulets are almost stone like in appearance.  However the Nak Prok amulet possesses the appearance of molten glass, exhibiting a rainbow of colours.

The land on which the  ancient Kru was found is owned by Mr. Tongdi Pavaputa, a local of Nadoon District, who said that his family had lived there for generations.He revealed that the Kru lay undisturrbed for more than a thousand years . no one noticing it until the day that he had by chance dug into the ground at the base of a low rise hill. He located the chedi which was later named Phrathat Nadoon.”.
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