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Phra Somdej Pilant Pim Prok Pho
Phra Somdej Pilant Pim Prok Pho
Amulet Ref : BA3341
Monk : Somdej Pilant / Somdej Toh
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Rakhang
Year : C. BE 2411
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Phra Somdej Pilant Pim Prok Pho Phra Somdej Pilant Pim Prok Pho
An absolutely stunning example of this most sought after Wat Rakhang Pim. No repairs or damage and supplied with heavy triple layer ornate 22k Gold case


Pra Somdej Pilant amulets are not only respected as some of the most famous sacred amulets ever made at Wat Rakhang, Bangkok but also regarded as royal amulets because they were made by Somdej Buddhacharn Tud Seniwong (Pilant), son of Prince Seniboriruk of the Rattanakosin Dynasty.


The Pra Somdej Pilant (Pim Song Chan) are often referred to as "Pra Song Somdej", (or amulets of two very high-ranking monks).

They were created by Somdej Buddhacharn Tud Seniwong and were blessed by his sacred teacher, Somdej Pra Buddhacharn Toh Promrungsi, the great monk that discovered and published the Chinabunchorn Katha.

This is without doubt the chance to own one the most important amulets offered on this website; what’s more it is accompanied by A FULLY INDEPENDENT CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY

Both Pra Somdej Pilant and Pra Somdej Buddhacharn Toh were disciples of Phra Somdej Sangkarach Dorn in the year BE 2385


Somdej Buddhacharn Tud Seniwong was born in the eleventh month of B.E.2364 according to Thai lunar calendar and was ordained as a novice during the reign of King Rama IIII at Wat Prakaew, one of the most important Thai temples located in the area of the Royal Grand palace.

Somdej Buddhacharn Tud Seniwong created around 20 Pim (styles) of Pra Somdej Pilant amulets, although he did not sub-divide his Pra Somdej Pilant amulets into various pims himself they were sub-divided  by experts at a later date.


Most of these amulets, including the one on offer here were kept in Kru (cell) for a long time, hence the natural staining and general appearance. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE this does not detract from the value as even the very best these amulets are quite similar in appearance. The majority of the amulets are in poorer condition. This particular example is considered in excellent condition and is easily aws nice as any I have seen featured in reference books.

Most of the pims appear off-white because of the high concentration of burnt Bai-Larn powder used.

It is assumed by Thai-amulet experts that this family of Pra Somdej amulets were an imitation of the Emerald Buddha located at Wat Prakaew because of the multi tier base or throne under the Buddha Image.

Previously Somdej Pra Sangkarach Sook Gaitern, the sacred teacher of Somdej Pra Buddhacharn Toh Promrungsi, had created a series oif amulets which today are known as "Pra Somdej Arahung", and also imitated the Emerald Buddha Image.


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