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Pim Song Krut (Garuda) - Kru Wat Ku Salot
Pim Song Krut (Garuda) - Kru Wat Ku Salot
Amulet Ref : BA3357
Monk : Luang Phor Parn
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Ku Salot (LP PARN)
Year : BE 2470
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Pim Song Krut (Garuda) - Kru Wat Ku Salot Pim Song Krut (Garuda) - Kru Wat Ku Salot

Blessed by Wat Koo-Salot's Abbot, Phra Ajahn Phong, who was one of Luang Phor Parns (Wat Bang Nomkho) disciples. 

More importantly Luang Phor Parn himself also gave the original powder and chanted these amulets in the year B.E.2470. The amulets were placed in the Pagoda at Wat Koo-Salot. This particular amulet is known as Pim Song Krut (Garuda), size 2 X 2.9 c.m and in superb condition.

When these amulets were removed from the Kru most were stuck together, caked in soil , the majority of pims are not in such good condition.


This amulet can easily be substituted for the very expensive and rare Luang Phor Parn amulets due to the fact that it has been chanted by the great monk himself. If you want a Luang Phor Parn amulet and you don't have a budget of a few thousand dollars then this amulet represents a fantastic bargain, These amulets are so popular in Thailand now and prices are quite literally rising every month
amulets have also become extremely scarce themselves with many examples selling for much high prices than we are offering
The name of the temple comes from the name of canal in Ayutthaya province."Koo" means canal and "Salot" is a kind of herb. Wat Koo-Salot and Wat Bang Nomkho are located on the same Sena district.



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