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LP Kong Palad Khik Jingjok Song Hang
LP Kong Palad Khik Jingjok Song Hang
Amulet Ref : BA2612
Monk : Luang Phor Kong
Size : 23 cm
Temple : Wat Wang Sapparos
Year : BE 2515
Price : $ 899.00
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LP Kong Palad Khik Jingjok Song Hang LP Kong Palad Khik Jingjok Song Hang

Another very large and impressive Palad Khik from my personal collection. This particular example, blessed by Luang Phor Kong, disciple of Luang Phor Leua and old time guru monk.  Once again it is completely unique, and as far as I know it is the only one in existence, measuring some 23 cm with a 19cm circumference.

This Palad Khik, carved from the sacred wood, Mai koon, features the double tailed jingjok. This palad khik is believed to increase or enhance charm and attractiveness, whilst at the same time improve fortune. This is a rare and highly desirable item and one of my favourites

In former times observation of the Gecko suggested a life of comparative ease, lazing about waiting for food to arrive, almost as if life giving sustenance was attracted in some way.

This is one characteristic that was assumed to be a divine gift, and as such those owning amulets of the gecko would likewise inherit similar fortune.




The gecko amulet however is more often than not used as a love amulet based on the apparent ease that a male gecko can attract a mate, almost as if they were blessed with sacred charm power. Similarly it is believed that such amulets would increase charm and attractivnes.

Mai Koon, the sacred wood from which it is carved is thought to bring luck and fortune. 

Again I do not honestly expect to find a purchaser for this particular Palad khik because of the price, but I am very happy to at least be able to show this quite spectacular piece of unique religous art whilst at the same time promote an interest in my speciality website about Palad Khik


Although Luang Phor Kong died almost 20 years ago his amulets are still in great demand. People have not forgotten about his dedication as a monk, and how he helped countless people throughout his life. Not only that his amulets are also quite unique, artisitic by nature his skill is clearly reflected in the design.

All his amulets are thought to bring great personal inner strength along with the dedication and commitment to achieve personal goals and ambitions even when the odds are against us.

His amulets are often symbolic of cosmic power and energy which when manifested through his sacred amulets  will provide protection, well being and the ability to conciously evoke and unleash inner energy and empowering emotional states. 




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