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Ong Kut (Hanuman) LP Bpaan (Amulet of the Month)
Ong Kut (Hanuman) LP Bpaan (Amulet of the Month)
Amulet Ref : BA3750
Monk : Luang Phor Bpaan
Size : 3cm
Temple : Wat Bang Krasop
Year : c. BE 2550
Price : $ 199.00
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Ong Kut (Hanuman) LP Bpaan (Amulet of the Month) Ong Kut (Hanuman) LP Bpaan (Amulet of the Month) Ong Kut (Hanuman) LP Bpaan (Amulet of the Month)

Ong-Kot (Hanuman Nang) – Luang Phor Bpaan - Wat Baang-Grà-Sòp

This particular pim, known as Ong-Kot was blessed by Luang Phor Bpaan, first abbot of Wat Bang Krasop, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan in about BE 2450, almost a century ago.  Previously this pim was known as “Hanuman Nang”


Only a few monks are attributed with the specialist magic to create sacred monkey (Hanuman) amulets, and they are:

Luang Phor Ding, Wat Bang Wua, Chachoengsao province
Luang Phor Sun Wat Salakun, Nonthaburi province
Luang Phor Bpaan Wat Bang Krasop, Samut Prakan province.

The reason that only a few monks were sufficiently knowledgeable to create these amulets is because the process is not only very strict but also complicated taking the adept a considerable time to learn

However created properly, by a true master, then these amulets are thought to provide "Kong Krapan Chatree" and "Klaew Klat" or extreme invulnerability and protection from danger.

Not only that they are thought to endow the worshipper with courage and bravery.

In addition many other attributes associated with the Monkey God can also be activated by invoking the spirit of Hanuman- through a sacred katha. 

Ong-Kot  or Angada according to legend was a monkey, like Hanuman, from King Rama’s military. Angada was also known as the “Monkey Prince” and was nephew of Sugriva the monkey king.

He was the son of Tara and the monkey-ruler Vali, whom Rama slew in battle, before giving protection to Angada, showing his merciful nature.


In the Ramayana war that took place, Angada, was known to be intelligent, brave and courageous, endowed with supernatural power, killing  many great warriors from Lanka, including, Ravana’s son, Narantaka and Mahaparshva, chief general of  Ravana’s  army.

Luang Phor Bpaan would create these amulets from the wood of tailpot fans blessed with Buddha’s grace. He created them to be carried by disciples to ensure they were free from harm and danger.

As a contemporary of Luang Phor Ding you may note many similarities in design of this pim with those blessed by LP Ding, Wat Bang Wua.

These amulets are highly desirable and also very rare.


The soft wood from the tailpot fan used in genuine examples such as this exhibit highly specific characteristics, in particular the wood should be compact, light weight, dry and old.


Hanu Maa Na
Na Ma Pa-Ta
Up Tay

This katha is typically used on specific days, namely: Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday

Visiting a Lover
Nam Man Ling is applied around the navel in an anti-clockwise direction

Visiting a Man
Nam Man Ling is applied around the navel in an anti-clockwise direction

Visiting older generation
Nam Man Ling is anointed to forehead



The katha also has some other very special supernatural powers. In particular by invoking the spirit of Hanuman everyone within a household can be placed in a deep sleep or a ''trance like''. To achieve this the amulet is placed at the base of one of the house supports or pillars.

This has also been used for the specific purpose of creating a state of absent mindedness in an enemy and achieved by placing the amulet in the mouth and chanting the katha. It is said that your enemy will become confused and bewildered.

These amulets can look very attarctive if framed correctly, below is a previous example:


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