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Phra Nangphya Larndokmai
Phra Nangphya Larndokmai
Amulet Ref : BA3338
Monk : Phra kru
Temple : Wat Kru Larn Dokmai
Year : 700 yrs old
Price : $ 59.00
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Phra Nangphya Larndokmai Phra Nangphya Larndokmai

In B.E.2520, Sukhothai Province had renovated an ancient area known as Larndokmai (floral land) to organize its annual Loy Kratong Festival Fair. By chance officials discovered a secret Kru which contained many votive tablets and as such the amulets were named Pra Kru Larndokmai.


Although there are no clear records its generally assumed that the amulets were created by a high ranking individual because of the variety of pims.

The colour of the amulets vary quite significantly from dark brown, yellow, orange, dark red, green and black, etc. There are as many as 30 different types of pim.

This particular votive tablet is known as Pim Nangphya. The Buddha is in the classic pose, sitting with legs crossed in the "Bhumisparsa Mudra gesture" or "calling the earth to witness" This pose symbolizes buddha attaining enlightenment by conquering earthy and evil forces.  

The left hand is resting gently on his lap with the palm facing upward. His right hand touches the ground to sudue Mara ( the devil and evil forces)   A serene and peaceful pose of Buddha as he is reaching enlightenment.

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