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Monk Detail
Name : Luang Phor Sawai
Temple: Wat Preedharam Birth Date:
Province: Nakhon Pathom      

Luang Phor Sawai

Many people said that LP Sawai was a monk who possessed a lot of metta (loving-kindness) and bahramee (power). LP SaWai was well known for making "Phra Khun Paen" amulets.

He was born in Ayutthaya province on the 18th January 1921. LP Sawai was novice at the age of 16 and ordained a monk on the 4th July 1941.

He was ordained by LP Yai, Phra Arjan Jerm and Phra Ajahn Pleung and was given the religious name of Titavano.

He studied Visha (magic) and making efficacious amulets from LP Poon of Wat Maipinglee-oh, LP Ngurn of Wat YaiSom, Arjan Yung, LP Kow of Wat Yaisom, Ajahn Pinraud, Arjan Cham, LP Paludtoo of Wat NgaungSur-ah, and LP Prapun Comesing.