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Monk Detail
Name : Luang Phor Top
Temple: Wat Chondan Birth Date:
Province: Petchabun      

Luang Phor Top Dharmpun-yo, officially named Phra Kru Vichit Pacharacaharn was a former abbot of Wat Buddhabart Chondan District, Phetchanboon

Although he passed away in B.E.2519, aged 95, his name is still remembered and respected by many locals of Petchaboon and neighbouring provinces.

In B.E.2445, aged 21 years, his parents took him to be ordained at Wat Silamong, Nayom Sub-district, Muang District, Petchaboon Province, by Prakru Muang, Pra Acharn Parn,and Pra Acharn Si, acting as Pra Upacha, Karmavajacharn and Anusavanacharn respectively.

He returned to Wat Changperk, where he originally ordained as a novice, to learn more sacred sciences from Pra Acharn Si . He remained here for a further two years before once again returning to Wat Silamong where he learnt more sacred sciences from Pra Ajahn Parn.

Actually his two sacred teachers were close followers of Luang Por Suptapun, a very famous monk known for his sacred mouth, which could either bless or damn people.

After the renovation of Wat Silamong, in B.E.2466, he relocated to Wat Saotongtorng in the same province and helped Pra Atikarn Yong, then abbot of the temple, to develop the temple. His efforts met with great success and his virtue as a monk was duly noted and he was appointed as Abbot of Wat Kohkaew in B.E.2472.

Such was his popularity he was appointed Abbot or caretaker of many other temples.

1.B.E.2472-B.E.2476, appointed as the abbot of Wat Koh Kaew.
2.B.E.2476-B.E.2478, appointed as the abbot of Wat Saotongtorng.
3.B.E.2479-B.E.2499, appointed as the abbot of Wat Sawang Arun.
4.B.E.2480-B.E.2499, appointed as the abbot of Wat Silamong.
5.B.E.2500-B.E.2519, appointed as the abbot of Wat Pra Buddhabart Chondan

Luang Phor Top blessed many amulets throughout his life, including Phra Kring, rien, Phra Phong all of which are now in very high demand.  The best known of which is his sacred takrut and is quite unique and instantly recognizable.

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