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Monk Detail
Name : Luang Phor Nuam
Temple: Wat Nangnai Birth Date: BE 2426
Province: Angthong      

Luang Phor Nuam of Wat Nangnai, Angtong


 He was born on August 15, B.E.2426 to the family of Mr. Soen Sornkaewdara and Mrs.Jam Sornkaewdara.

On April 1, B.E.2446, aged 20, he was ordained as a monk at Wat Plai-na, Supunburi province. Later moving to Wat Samjun to learn Dharma from Luang Phor Puang, who was his elder brother. He remained there until B.E.2459, when he was invited to become abbot of Wat Luang, Angtong province.


In B.E.2469, due to his virtue and dedication to the locals of the province, he was again invited to become the abbot of the biggest temple in Angtong province called Wat Nangnai Dharmikaram, where he remained until he passed away on August 13, B.E.2497 having served Buddhism and Buddhists for 52 years.

Luang Phor Nuem was highly respected for his dedication to Buddhism and his sacred amulets including sacred coins, Takrut amulets, Bia Gae amulets and sacred water which was created by a special sacred spell called “Kaew Samlok

He was however best known for his Bia Gae amulets which generally were once again designed in a similar fashion to those of Luang Phor Rod’s Bia Gae