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Mai Kru Ajahn Chum Chaikiri (20 cm)
Mai Kru Ajahn Chum Chaikiri (20 cm)
Amulet Ref : BA3300
Monk : Ajahn Chum Chaikiri
Size : Approx 20 cm
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Khao Or
Year : BE 2523
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Mai Kru Ajahn Chum Chaikiri (20 cm)

Mai Kru Ajahn Chum

Ajahn Chum Chaikiri, one of the greatest disciples of Wat Khao-or created this sacred Mai Kru according to the ancient sciences of this famous monastic school.  

Commonly referred to as Mai Gaai Yasit, which literally means "Magic Wood" and were first blessed on the 20th November BE 2523 and originally distributed to the military and police. They are created from various woods known as Mai Mongkon or essentially auspicious woods, such as this example made from Mai Khon Tee Dam.

Each Mai Kru contains a Takrut Wiset, and when shaken can clearly be heard, The shaft is further plugged with special powders, Pong Wiset, also blessed by Ajahn Chum.


These Mai Kru were created from a number of different sacred woods


Mai Maka Taiprai
Mai Maka Fapa
Mai Pradoosongdharna
Mai Rachperk
Mai Chaiperk
Mai Mahaprom
Mai Kumjud
Mai Kumjai

According to Ajahn Chum his sacred Mai Kru possessed a dual strength that could both bless and damn people with its inherent sacred power. The head of sacred Mai Kru possessed the power to damn  an enemy or exorcise evil, whilst the trail of the Mai Kru could bring luck, fortune and multiple blessings.

The head of the Mai Kru is filled with many sacred components for the destruction of enemies, evil and malevolent forces. Similarly the tail is filled with equally efficacious materials.


  Example of  the small booklet that was originally supplied with these Mai Kru

Sacred Ceremonies

Ajahn Chum Chaikiri and other 20 sacred-science experts of Putthalung province had held several sacred ceremonies to create and bless these Mai kru.

November23, B.E.2523

Ceremony to write sacred spells and mix sacred powders to fill the head and tail of the Mai Kru

February 11, B.E.2524

Ceremony to add the sacred components to the Mai Kru including takruts.

February 17, B.E.2524

Ceremony to sanctify the Mai Kru which were then donated to soldiers and worshippers on the 20th February.

Sacred Katha

To activate the Mai kru:

Namo Tassa Pakavato Arahato Samma Sam Buddhassa (3 times)
Ongkarn Pintunatung
Uppunnung Promma Saha
Patinama Atiguppay Su A Ka To
Punja Patumungtisva
Namo Buddha Ya
Ahang Maravichai
Yassayung Yuttunyana
Buddho Pakavati
etc etc...complete katha will be supplied

Uses of Sacred Mai Kru

Worshippers should think of the sacred teachers of Wat Khao-or and thank them for the sacred sciences before using the wand.


Before worshippers leave home they should direct the tail of the Mai Kru into the ground and call out the names of enemies before reciting the following katha: 

Bud Dho ( should be repeated until worshippers can concentrate their mind power)


A Ya Ya Manusanung
Pakava Chung Ngung
So Pi Ti I (names of enemies)

etc...complete katha will be supplied

If worshippers do not know the names of their enemies they must turn their face in the direction from which the enemy originates before reciting the katha. Enemies may be turned into friends, or never seen again.

To exorcise malevolent spirits

Worshippers should point the Mai Kru to the head of those inflicted and recite the following spels.

Bud Dho (repeat several times until you are able to concentrate mind power)

A Ya Ya  A Manu Sanung
Pakava Chung Ngung
So Pi Ti I

etc...complrte katha will be supplied.

Then recite the following spell to prevent a reoccurrence

Samuha Neya Samuha Nati
Samuha Kato
Sima Katung
Samaha Nituppo

etc..complete katha will be supplied

Finally point the tail of the Mai Kru to the feet of the inflicted and recite the following spell three times.

Na Puk No Mud
Bud Rud Ta Rung

etc...complete katha will be supplied

To cure the ill

Worshippers must point the Mai Kru to patients or an image of the patient and ask for help from the sacred souls of the stick.

Namo Tassa Pakavato Arahato Summa Sum Buddhussa (3 times)
Na Ma Pa Ta
Na Dharma Buddho

etc...complete katha will be supplied

To increase charm & good fortune

The Mai Kru can increase charm, fortune and luck. According to the ancient sciences the the tail of the Mai kru should be dipped in fragrant powder or oil and then pointed at the forehead of the the individual to be blessed. Alternatively the Mai Kru can be pointed at the sign of a shop or business to increase fortune.


To block the effects of black magic

If you or anyone within your family is suffering from the consequences of an unseen power it may be due to black magic. The Mai Kru can help you. According to the ancient science you must hold the stick in front of your forehead then you must place one of your hands onto the head of the stick and recite the following spell repeatedly:

Ya Ta Buddha Mona

Move your hand from the head of the sacred stick to the tail and at the same time point the stick to your finger nails and then to your feet.


This Mai Kru should not be placed under the bed, shoes, or other improper locations, but you may lay the Mai Kru on your pillow whilst sleeping as an advance warning of imminent danger



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