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Phra Nang Pim Pa (Pim Jumbo)
Phra Nang Pim Pa (Pim Jumbo)
Amulet Ref : BA3323
Monk : Luang Phor Up
Size : 11.5 x 6 cm
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Tongsai
Year : BE 2545
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Phra Nang Pim Pa (Pim Jumbo) Phra Nang Pim Pa (Pim Jumbo)


These hand made amulets are highly sought after by devotees of Luang Phor Up, being blessed in extremely limited numbers.

A highly unique trademark design of this highly respected monk, known as Nangpim Pa.  The amulet depicts a pregnant women in classical dress giving birth. 

LP Hup said that Nangpim was not the wife of Khun Paen as many people have assumed, but a sacred female who could render good fortune and charm to the worshipper. Luang Phor Hup also told us that to call upon the power of the amulet, a worshipper should light an incense stick and offer a small quantity of white liquor whilst reciting the following katha.

U Ga Pa Sa
Ha Na Budh
(Note: repeat nine times)



It is strongly believed by both male and female devotees alike that this katha and amulet is one of the most powerful for opposite sex attraction. This amulet '  is ideal  for the man that wants to increase his natural attractiveness to the opposite sex, someone that wants to be charming and surrounded by female company. Whoever owns this amulet will be so attractive and fascinating that the ladies never want to leave.

Luang Poo Hup was born as Hup Timmacha, on August 12th, B.E.2464, in Lambua Village, Nakorn Chaisri, Nakhon Pathom ProvinceAs a young adult he was very interested in the sacred sciences and became a disciple of many famous monks of his era, and in particular Luang Phor Tae of Wat Sam Ngam and Luang Phor Noi of Wat Dharmasala. Aged 20 years he was ordained as a Buddhist monk at Wat Tungnoi by Luang Phor Ma.

He had moved to live at Wat Tongsai for nine years before travelling into the deep forests of LaosBurma and Cambodia where he learnt additional sciences and high-level meditation. Around B.E.2506, he returned briefly staying at Wat Chado before moving to his permanent home Wat Tongsai.

This amulet was created by LP Hup to help raise funds to build monk houses and other buildings in Wat Tongsai . Luang Poo Hup stated that they were created in strict accordance with the sacred science known as “Khun Paen Nang Pim Pa Praya-tay-krua”, an ancient science that he learnt whilst in Cambodia.


The constituent components are made up from herbs and sedges known to have magical properties  

Khun-Paen-herb" (good for spelling a lady) 
Wahn Jung Naang
Wahn Chang Pa Som Klong

Elephant herb (An essential ingredient in any love charm, basically herbs collected from an area where elephants are copulating. It is believed to create and stimulate sexual desire.) Traditional medicine men say that such herbs are so potent that even a tiger wants to make love with a monkey.






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