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Phra Somdej - Maechee Bunreuan (1st Gen)
Phra Somdej - Maechee Bunreuan (1st Gen)
Amulet Ref : BA3684
Monk : Maechee Bunreuan
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Arvutviksitaram
Year : BE 2499
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Phra Somdej - Maechee Bunreuan (1st Gen) Phra Somdej - Maechee Bunreuan (1st Gen)


Pra Somdej - 
Monkon Mahalap Pim Yai Neua Pong

You may be very surprised to learn that some of the most popular amulets in Thailand today were created and blessed by a woman, unique in Thai Buddhist history.

In fact this woman was a sacred nun known as Maechee Bunreuan. At the time of writing you cannot open any amulet magazine that does not contain reference to this sacred nun, or her amulets, such is the strong interest in her.
The amulet illustrated below and on offer here is her 1st generation Pim Somdej blessed in BE 2499. These are the most sought after of all the batches



Further Information / Kru of Wat Arvutviksitaram

Pratep Punya Muni, abbot of Wat Arvutviksitaram, opened the Kru containing the sacred amulets of of Maechee Bunreuan  and these were introduced to the public.

The Kru contained almost all the pims that have been associated with  Maechee Bunreuan, some in very limited numbers, for example.

Pra Buddho Noi amulet with Yant Arahunt on back, only 500 amulets available.  
Pra Buddho Noi amulet with sacred spell on back, only 1,295 amulets available.
Pra Somdej amulet with sacred spell to back, BE 2499
Pra Buddho Noi amulets.
Pim LP Thuad amulet with Yant Arahant to reverse, blessed in BE 2506 which also were blessed by LP Tim , Wat Changhai and other famous monks of the era.

Although Maechee Bunreuan had created a few batches of amulets from a collectors perspective the most important batch were those that she blessed on the 4th-12th March BE 2499, such as the example above. Incidentally these pims are known today to be filled with her sacred power and are in extremely high demand.

On this occasion a number of famous senior monks of the era had gathered to assist in the blessing and add further sacred power, something never heard of or again since. You may also be highly surprsied to learn that even Luang Phor Tim of Wat Changhai had helped to bless her LP Thuad pim, such was the respect for her and her tireless efforts.


Sacred Monks

In attendance were :

-Pra Prommuni of Wat Borwon
-Pra Voravech Kunacharn of Wat Prachetuponvimolmungklaram
-Prakru Vinaitorn (Ferng Yarn Papateepo)
-Pra Sa-ard Apivuttano of Wat Sumpuntawong
-Prakru Nor of Wat Klang Tarer
-Pra Ajahn Bung of Wat Mai Tongsen
-Pra Chop Summajari of Wat Arvutviksitaram

Many different types of amulet were blessed including, Pra Buddho Noi, Pra Somdej Lang Yant, Pra Buddha Mongkol Mahalarp etc.


Sacred Materials

Maechee Bunreuan had used many auspicious materials to create these amulets including:

-Sacred powder from Wat Prachetupon
-Sacred powder from Wat Tritosdep
-Sacred powder ground from 108 varieties of Thai herbs
-Sacred powder ground from 108 species of Thai flowers
-Sacred powder collected from seven piers
-Sacred powder collected from seven ponds
-Sacred powder ground from ancient Dharma books made from Bailarn.
-Sacred powder collected from four locations, all related to Lord Buddha’s history on the Indian sub continent,
-Sacred white powder from Rachburi Province


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