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Luk Om LP Tim (Wat Lahanrai) BE 2517
Luk Om LP Tim (Wat Lahanrai) BE 2517
Amulet Ref : BA1906
Monk : Luang Phor Tim (Lahanrai)
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Lahanrai
Year : BE 2517
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Luk Om Luang Phor Tim BE 2517

An entirely original Luk Om, Pong Prai Guman, withy embedded takrut, blessed by Luang Phor Tim. This Luk Om amulet is  highly recommended.

When Luang Por Boonmi Attapunyo of Wat Phosumpan passed away on April 24th, B.E.2517. Luang Poo Tim created a series of sacred Takrut amulets and Luk Om to remember the great monks life and work.

At nearly 2cm in diameter the Luk Om amulets each required a significant amount of sacred powder and as such only a limited quantity were created. The profit from the sale of these amulets was donated to a number of charitable projects previously managed by Luang Phor Boonmi.



Sacred Materials

Pong Prai Guman - Luang Phor Tim
Ittijay powder
Trinisinghay powder
Patamung powder
Gesah - Lunag Phor Tim
Sian Sai (sacred strings)
Sacred oil
Sacred Powder - Luang Por Boonmi
Sacred powder ground from ancient amulets

The size of these amulets varied tremendously some small enough to place in the mouth others as large as a small orange.

Sacred Ceremonies

These Luk Om amulets were blessed at two ceremonies, the main one of which was held at Wat Phosamphan, Chonburi Province, in B.E.2517 and attended by many sacred monks:

Luang Poo Toh of Wat Praddochimpli
Luang Poo Tim of Wat Laharnrai
Luang Poo Sim of Wat Tampapong
Luang Poo Kum of Wat Wangw
Luang Poo Mon of Wat Nerntamark
Luang Poo Rerm of Wat Jukkacher
Luang Poo Chern of Wat Marbka

After that ceremony Luang Poo Tim continued to bless these amulets for a further eight months, in fact until he became ill and passed away on the 16th October BE 2518.

Many consider that these Luk Om amulets are some of the very best ever to have been created and blessed by him and also a precious heritage. When you consider that these amulets are composed of the very same pwoders that make up his 250,000 Baht Khun Paen amulets they represent remarkable value for money.





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