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Pra LP Toh, Kru Wat Bang Krathing
Pra LP Toh, Kru Wat Bang Krathing
Amulet Ref : BA2694
Monk : Phra kru
Temple : Wat Bang Krathing
Year : 450 yrs old
Price : $ 275.00
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Pra LP Toh, Kru Wat Bang Krathing Pra LP Toh, Kru Wat Bang Krathing

Pim Luang Phor Toh

This ancient amulet is known as Pim Luang Phor Toh, and is very well known by almost all amulet collectors being a highly popular pim to collect. So popular in fact almost every single amulet magaine will feature at least one of these pims and one amulet that every collector should own.

It is thought to have been created some 450 years ago, although exactly who blessed this amulet remains unknown. Supplied with Sterling Silver case

Recovered from many temples in Ayudhya and adjoining provinces including Bangkok. However the most famous of all are those recovered from the Kru at Wat Bang Krathing, Sena district, Ayudhya.

This nice example is offered at a budget price and GUARANTEED genuine for life and supplied with a free heavy duty sterling silver case


During the renovation of the temple in B.E.2481, a secret Kru was discovered under the base of the temples main Buddhist image, where a quantity of these pims were recovered. They were donated to many of the people that had financially supported the ongoing work.

Unfortunately a number of these and other pims were also stolen during the course of the renovation.

At a later date around B.E.2504, another Kru was also discovered containing very similar pims but they were thought not to have been created in the Ayudhya Kingdom as they were quite different in their composition. It is believed that these were created during the Ratanakosin Kingdom, that is the current Thai Kingdom.

The Wat Bang Krathing pims are almost triangular in shape and feature the Buddha image sitting upon a lotus base. More often than not these pims are very clear with distinct features.

It is generally believed that these LP Toh amulets were designed after the Main Buddha Image of Wat Panoenchoen, probably one of the most famous Buddha statues of the province.

In fact there are two designs of this particular pim, the first being what is generally considered the prototype design and that is Pim Maravichai Buddha Image and the second being Pim Smathi, this being the more popular and more expensive of the two designs.

Talking about fake pims,  as you may expect they far outnumber the genuine amulets, but unbelievably the original moulds were also discovered but stolen. As a result authentication has been made that much more difficult.


Despite this there are some key identification markers that are apparent on most genuine pims and usually provide sufficient evidence to enable most collectors to self authenticate. In general the appearance of these amulets can easily be copied but a 450 year old pim possesses a unique composition which under close scrutiny cannot be faked.

Despite the relative ease with which these amulets can be identified we would still suggest that you  entrust this process to a  good authentication authority, such as G-Pra.

It is thought that these pims from Wat Bang Krathing possess a sacred power to protect the worshipper from many kinds of danger but in particular they are noted for protection from weapons. They are also said to increase charm and fortune.



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