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Maa Sep Nang (Pim Jumbo)
Maa Sep Nang (Pim Jumbo)
Amulet Ref : BA3650
Monk : Kruba Wang
Size : 4cm
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Banden
Year : BE 2510
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Ma Sep Nang -Pim Jumbo

Kruba Wang Promsayno, Abbot of Wat Banden, Tak Province, is acclaimed and respected for his highly specialized and truly unique Love amulets, many thought to be amongst the most powerful love charms ever created, period. This wonderful trademark pim is known as Maa Sep Nang, depicting a stallion and young female. Please note that this is Pim Jumbo, far rarer than thye standard pim. Amulet is guaranteed authentic for life.


His amulets are attributed with the power to increase sex appeal and convert enemies into friends.

This pim is synonymous with sex appeal, a very powerful and highly potent symbol of sexual prowess and masculinity, (but not meant to be taken literally)

This form or eroticism or erotic art is suggested by some websites to have been derived from the Yab-Yum (male -female) iconography of Tibetan tantric buddhism, which depict deities in the act of copulation or sexual embrace with their consorts, but to the best of my knowledge this is not correct and furthermore the entire philosophy has no correlation or relevance whatsoever.

The exact history of the Ma Sep Nang Maha Sanae Wicha (Charm Magic) is not known but many scholars have evidence to suggest that it first originated in Burma and initially estblished itself in the Lanna kingdom of Thailand.


Little is ever mentioned about Burmese magic but it is thought to be equally as powerful as the much publisised  Khmer magic. 

It is known that Burmese kings imported large numbers of Sanskrit texts from India on topics such as medicine, alchemy, incantation and astrology. In Burma, these Buddhist wizards are practitioners of what is called the weikza-lam (path of occult knowledge).

This tradition still exists today in Burma, and the largest of the groups practicing this occult path is based in the city of Pegy, and is called the Manosetopad Gaing. Like their Thai counterparts, this organisation bases an interest in the occult on the powers attained by the Buddha on the path to enlightenment. They also believe that the relics of the Buddha (Burmese dat-daw) (Pāli dhātu) are possessed of a kind of majestic power that he infused in them through the force of his samādhi. 

It is clear from rading many of thre ancient texts that the Burmese magic
is based on a much older tradition of Spirit religions and animistic world views

In fact Ma Sep Nang is only one of a series of 4 related (Sut Yot Sanae) images that comprise the original Maha Sanae wicha, the others being, Nang Song Wua Sep, (2 bulls and female),  Sam Noo Gin Nam Nom Meaw (3 rats/mice drinking cats milk) this Maha Sanae Wicha was made famous by Ajahn Chum Chaikiri, and finally See Wua Gin Nam Nom Seua (4 cows drinking tigers milk).

According to the popular legend of this magic a family that had a very beautiful daughter was made responsible for tending to a prime specimen male horse on a daily basis. She eventually becomes very attached to the horse and actually falls in love and has a sexual encounter. Her father who learns of this is so ashamed he kills the horse. The end result is a dead heart for the young girl. Essentially the Maa Sep Nang magic and yants are associated with strong and powerful lust and attraction.

  His Pha Yant are equally as famous and depict many similar type scenes such as the bull inseminating a maiden. The pim is made from Neua Din combined with numerous sacred herbs which include the powerful ''Waan Sao Long'' which loosely translated means the infatuated woman

Today relatively few monks, if any, create this type of charm amulet because the arcane knowledge is slowly dying as each generation passes. His amulets are believed by many even today to possess miraculous power and rate amongst the most powerful of all love charms ever to have been created.

The particular wicha or magic used to create this amulet is known as Metta Mahasane Yinghenyingrak which translated means ''Girl Sees, Girl Loves''

A monk wishing to practice the path must first suffuse his mind with thoughts of the Three Jewels, and cultivate loving kindness toward the various grades of nats… the nats referred to here include powerful nature spirits dwelling in trees, the earth, and mountains, minor deities who preside over the use of magical incantations and diagrams, and medicine spirits whose domain includes the well-known herbs and minerals of alchemical lore


Sacred Katha

Ohm Nang Kuwk Nang Gwang Kwang
Gwang Ao Sao Mar Ner Nang Ner
Mar Raew Mar Ruk Gun Roi Mern Ter
San Wun Gor Hai Mar Har Koo Ner Nang
Hark Yoo Fark Far Gor Hai Mar Har Koo Ner Nang Ner Nang
Hark Yoo Lai Mair Num Kun San Wung Gor Hai Lan Mar Har Koo Ner Nang Ner Nang



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