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Takrut Yant 9 Kum Sang Pet Bpayk - Kruba Wang
Takrut Yant 9 Kum Sang Pet Bpayk - Kruba Wang
Amulet Ref : BA3715
Monk : Kruba Wang
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Banden
Year : BE 2510
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Takrut Yant 9 Kum Sang Pet Bpayk - Kruba Wang

Takrut Yant 9 Kum Sang Wan Pet Bpayk (Breast Takrut Chain)

This Takrut was created to be worn around the neck

An extremely beautiful example of this highly sought after takrut set blessed by Kruba Wang, Wat Bandayn, Tak province. Known as Takrut Yant 9 Kum Sang Pet Bpayk. The word Bpayk is from the ancient Lanna language and "Pet" means diamond....essentially meaning a takrut of priceless value.

This set is made up of two types of takrut, takrut 9 kum, consisting ogf 8 metal plates, engraved with sacred spells and yant with the middle one surrounded by a thread. These are powerful for kindness, luck and protection from all danger and evil spirits.

The chain itself is made up of 108 individual takruts all hand engraved by Kruba Wang with the spells Ei Ti Pi So Pa Ka Wa” and  “Pa Ka Wa Ti”, for the first 54 , then reversed from “Ti Wa Ka Pa” until “Wa Ka Pa So Pi Ti Ei”, for the second 54. Again for avoidance of danger, attractiveness and luck.


It is believed that  , and as such it is quite common practice to wear these takruts individually. A complete set such as this is now very rare and very valuable indeed.

It is believed by worshippers that this takrut set has great power or "má-hăa am-nâat" and that each of the takruts that comprise the set is more than capable of endowing the owner with prosperity. "Maha Sanay" or charm, great kindness "mâyt-dtaa má-hăa ní-yom " and "Kong Krapan" or invulnerabilty against weapons. As such you often see these takruts being sold individually, hence the rarity of a complete set.



Kruba Wang Promsayno, Abbot of Wat Banden, Tak Province, is acclaimed and respected for his highly specialized and truly unique Love amulets, and takruts for protection.



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