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Phra Kring Klongtakian
Phra Kring Klongtakian
Amulet Ref : BA2882
Monk : Phra kru
Temple : Wat Pradu Songdharma
Year : c. 300 yrs
Price : $ 165.00
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Phra Kring Klongtakian Phra Kring Klongtakian
Phra Kring Klongtakian

Beautiful examle of the highly unique Phra Kring amulet known as  Phra Kring Klongtakian originating from Wat Pradusongdharma, Ayudhaya Province. This was an ancient temple that was renovated about 300 years ago and these amulets are dated to that approximate era.

After an invasion by Burmese soldiers the temple was wrecked and remained deserted until the  Rhatanakosin Dynasty, when a sacred monk named Luang Phor Rodsur who was passing through the vicinity found the ancient ruins which were not attended by any local monks. As a result he made the decision to renovate the temple himself, and today is a prosperous temple.


Little is known about the monk but it is said that he had the power to control wild animals through his sacred sciences. He is also known to have created many types of amulets.

Phra Kring Klongtakian amulets are without doubt the most famous and have been noted to protect worshippers from danger and weapons. They are made of clay mixed with ashes of Bai Larn (leafs of ancient Dharma Books). The reverse and base are etched with sacred yant.

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