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Khun Paen Buang Seu Hayng
Khun Paen Buang Seu Hayng
Amulet Ref : BA2854
Monk : Ajahn Khun Pan
Temple : Wat Khao Or
Year : BE 2541
Price : $ 85.00
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Khun Paen Buang Seu Hayng Khun Paen Buang Seu Hayng

Highly sought after Khun Paen amulet blessed by Ajahn Pan in BE 2541. Genune gem stone to Khun paen's chest and talruts. Known as pim Buang Seu Hayng, which in Chinese menas ''Be fortunate 10,000 times" (or forever). The amulet was blessed at both Wat Khao Or and also at the City Pillar at Prachuap Kiri Khan in BE 2541.

Interestingly after this final ceremony a number of the pims were sent directly to Malaysia beacuse of local demand.

Wat Khao Or has more than 120 years of  history making highly efficacious Amulets. The majority of worshippers consider that the amulets are imbued with protective powers.

Many holy monks are associated with this temple, including  LP Tow, LP Ied, LP Num, LP Ngurn of Wat DaunSaLa, LP Kong of Wat BanSuan, LP Pah, LP Glun of Wat Khao Or and probably the best known of all is Ajahn Khun Pan.

Luang Phor Glun was the abbot of Wat Khao Or until he passed away in April 2006 at the grand old age of 108 years. Ajahn Khun Pan passed away in July of the same year.

He was considered one of the very top Guru masters in modern times and his amulets are much sought after but particularly by policemen and soldiers, in fact anyone that is involved in a dangerous occupation where divine protection is an advantage. 

This amulet is comprsied of hundreds of sacred powders includinga a very high concentration of Ajahn Pan's BE 2530 powders used to create the very first Jatukam pim. 

This is a great pim that is nott only affordable but will increase in value as the years pass. Well worth collecting as they are now very dcarce indeed.



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