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Phya Dtao Reuan Reun Ruan Puttakun BE 2536
Phya Dtao Reuan Reun Ruan Puttakun BE 2536
Amulet Ref : BA1988
Monk : Luang Phor Koon
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Banrai
Year : BE 2536
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Phya Dtao Reuan Reun Ruan Puttakun BE 2536

Beautiful Phaya Taoreuan amulet was jointly blessed by Luang Phor Koon and Luang Phor Liew in BE 2536. Perfect condition, original box. All LP Koon amulets are worth collecting and especially now that he is becoming very elderly...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


This rien is known as reun ''Ruam Puttakun'' and made from the sacred alloy Neua Nawa Loh-ha, Blessed at Wai Sithong, supplied with the original temple box.


According to the Chinese traditional Feng-Shui ??science “Tao” or turtle is a kind of good-fortune animal because they just kept on walking forward and onward and never backwards, a sign of prosperity, fertility, and long life.

Feng Shui is a discrete Chinese belief system involving a mix of geographical, religious, philosophical, mathematical, aesthetic, and astrological ideas

Moreover, it was believed that Lord Buddha was previously born as a Turtle called Phaya Taoreuan, and he had helped protect the lives of other turtles.

Therefore some senior monks created Phaya Taoreuan amulets to help their worshippers call upon good fortune and at the same time dispel all evil dangers, and troubles.

It is generally believed that this kind of amulet are ideal for anyone who wants to succeed in businesses.

These amulets were originally called “Phaya Taoleuan amulets”, because the Thai word “leuan” means “erasing”, and it was believed that these amulets could help worshippers “erase” or “win” their cases in the court, one of the many reasons they are popular with lawyers and other members of the legal profession.

Latterly it has become more popular to call these amulets as “Phaya Taoreuan amulets”, because the Thai word “reuan” means house or building a more apt description which fits the popular belief that they will bring good fortune into the house or building.

There’s also other beliefs associated with this amulet and in particular that during Lord Buddha's life as a turtle it was said that his body was as big as a house (or “reuan”), another reason why the amulet is now known as Phaya Taoreuan.

In general there is no precise naming convention for these amulets, other than that they are popularly known as Phaya Taoreuan amulets.

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