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Takrut Koo Chewit, (3 Kaset), Luang Phor Dtiang
Takrut  Koo Chewit, (3 Kaset), Luang Phor Dtiang
Amulet Ref : BA3780
Monk : Luang Phor Dtiang
Size : 3 inch
Temple : Wat Kao Roop Chang
Year : c. BE2480
Price : $ 265.00
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Takrut  Koo Chewit, (3 Kaset), Luang Phor Dtiang Takrut  Koo Chewit, (3 Kaset), Luang Phor Dtiang Takrut  Koo Chewit, (3 Kaset), Luang Phor Dtiang

Takrut  Koo Chewit, (Sam Kaset), Luang Phor Dtiang, Wat Kao Roop Chang


This is one of the all time great Takruts, and is known as Takrut Koo Chewit. You will find it detailed in almost every book about takruts.

This particular example is in superb condition


This Takrut was made for “Kong Krapan Chas-Dtree” or invulnerability. So powerful is this takrut many firmly believe that even a gun will cause no harm to the worshipper as it will not fire.

It is considered one of the foremost takruts from the province of Pichit and nowadays is very rare indeed, highly sought after.

It is made up from three metals sheets (Sam Kaset), Copper and Brass rolled in a sheet of Lead which is hand engraved with a sacred yant, known as “Yant Koo Chewit”, thought to be very powerful and extremely sacred. Essentially numerous mystic numbers and symbols for “Aawut Pra Put-a-Jao” or weapons of Buddha. Also “Lek Yant” (occult numerology) “Dtam Raa Pichai Song Kram” or the Treatise on War Strategy.


The copper sheet is hand engraved with sacred yant known as “ Yant Ari Sat Soh Lot”

These yant were engraved in accordance with the ancient book owned by Luang Phor Poh from Wat Wang. He was the Ajahn for Luang Phor Ngern, Wat Bang Klan.

The brass sheet is engraved with the yant “Pra Jao 16  Pra Ong” which originates from Luang Phor Poon, Wat Dong Klan. He was the Ajahn of LP Dtiang. In addition the katha “Sat Cha-Cha-Thit”


Luang Phor Dtiang

Phra Kru Pipat Thammakun or Luang Phor Dtiang, was the former Abbot of Wat Kao Roop Chang, Muang District, Pichit. Not far from Wat Kamang


Luang Phor Dtiang was born on Wednesday 20th February BE 2444, during the year of the ox at Ban Dong Klang, Muang District, Pichit. Once Luang Phor was 20 years old, he was ordained to become a monk on 10th February BE 2466 at Wat Dong Klang, Muang District, Pichit. Phra Kru Silatraraks was his preceptor. Chief Monk Poon was his act-announcing monk and first ordination teacher.

He kept residence during Buddhist Lent at Wat Dong Klang, later moving to Wat Kao Roop Chang. During his time at Wat Dong Klang he had the opportunity to serve Luang Phor Poon from whom he learnt sacred sciences, magic and yant and in particular the sacred yant to create Takrut Tohn (Takrut Koo Chewit) known as “Yant Pra Jao 16 Pra Ong” which he used to create his famous Takrut


An unrolled takrut showing the sacred yant

Actually the “Wicha Akom” or  magic incantation used to create Takrut Tohn (Koo Chewit) is detailed in a sacred book originally owned by Luang Phor Ngern, Wat Bangklan.

The book was inherited by another very famous monk that created powerful takruts, Luang Phor Pit, Wat Kamang, before finally being given to Luang Phor Dtiang.

LP Dtiang was also a disciple of LP Pit from whom he also studied meditation, “Sai-Wayt” or occult including the sacred sciences to create takrut tohn. In actual fact he also contributed in making LP Pit’s takrut.

It is known that during his time in the monkhood, Luang Phor Dtiang was known to be extremely diligent and strictly adhered to the Tripitaka. He passed away on the 12th March BE 2520.

Testament to the power of Takrut Koo Chewit

This well known account is about the nephew of Ajahn Term, Abbot after Luang Phor Dtiang. His nephew, Mr.Udom Kammoo was a local. One evening he was robbed  whilst alone in his house.

Upon entering his home the thieves tried to force Mr Udom to reveal the location of valuables but he resisted calling out loudly for help and assistance from neighbours. The thieves in anger shot Mr Udom seceral times, but the weapon mis-fired, encouraging him to fight back. However he was no match against his 
assailants who forced himn to the ground removing any valuables from his person including  removing a Takrut Tohn from his waist.

The Takrut was removed but the cord remained,. They tried to shoot him yet again Fortunately he survived the robbery and firmly believed that he owed his life  to the power of that takrut blessed by Luang Phor Dtiang.

Even when thieves took his Takrut, the small cord that remained was sufficient to protect his life.



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