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Luang Phor Thuad BE 2497

LP Tim blessed the first LP Thuad amulet at Wat Changhai in BE 2497, these amulets now sell for well over a million Baht each

But I will let you into a little known secret, not commonly known even amongst some professional amulet collectors.

There was another LP Thuad amulet created in the same year as the original BE 2497 amulet, incidentallly also blessed by Luang Phor Tim


Luang Phor Thuad BE 2497 blessed BY Ajahn Chum Chaikiri

The official name of this Luang Phor Thuad amulet is: Luang Phor Thuad Pratub Bartnum Prabuddhamont Mahayunt Dharmarach. 

In fact this amulet was commissioned by Ajahn Chum Chai Kiri, and was designed almost as an identical pim with a similar composition but containing an important addition, that of Pong Leklai giving these amulets superior protective powers. This pim can be used as a direct substitute for its more expensive counterpart.

This LP Thuad amulet was blessed on the 14th September BE 2497 and on October 12th 2497. The final blessing was by LP Tim, Wat Changhai, the ceremony taking place at Wat Mahathat.

This is a rare and highly desirable amulet and if you get the opportunity well worth acquiring.


108 sacred monks attended the blessing ceremony including 

  Ajahn Khun Pan Wat khao Or
  Luang Por Klai (Wat Suan Khan)Phor Tan Klai
  Luang Por Opasi (Arsrom Bang Mod)
  Luang Poo Keaw (Wat Hrong Bon)
  Luang Por Daeng (Wat Tha Sala)
  Luang Por Kling (Wat Thalung Thong)
  Luang Por Pahl (Wat Khao Or)
  Luang Por Khong (Wat Bahn Suan)
  Luang Por Dis (Wat Pak Sra)
  Luang Por Mun (Wat Khao Daeng)
  Luang Por Song (Wat Chao Fa Sala Loi)
  Luang Por Peum (Wat Koh Lak)
  Luang Por Daeng (Wat Khao Bandai It)
  Luang Por Nguen (Wat Don Yai Hom)
  Luang Por Tae (Wat Sam Ngam)....


Ajahn Chum Chaikiri


These amulets were chanted for 7 seperate purposes each for seven days, namely; Personal charm and attractivemess, Kongkrapan (Body Protection), Maha Utt (Protection from arms), Protection from wild animals and insects, Protection from evil spirits & ghosts and illness.

For protection you should use the following katha every night before sleep:


  Namo tasa (x3)
  Na ma pa ta (x4)
  Na ma na a
  Nor gor na ga
  Gor or nor a
  Na a ga hang


Luang Phor Kong



Phor Tan Kong Sirimatho is handing Ajahn Chum the Pong Leklai powder which was a major part of the composition of these amulets and one of the reasons why they are so powerful


Ajahn Chum Chaikiri inspecting the Leklai

Amongst the major inclusions, other than leklai, are the following sacred powders.

  1. Sacred powder - original Pra Somdej Wat Rakhang amulets
  2. Sacred powder - original Pra Somdej Wat Bangkhunprom amulets
  3. Sacred powder - original Pra Kru Nangtra amulets
  4. Sacred powder - original Pra Kru taokrote
  5. Sacred powder - origianl Pra Pong Suphan amulets
  6. Sacred powder - original amulets / Wat Praroop and Wat Bangkrang
  7. Sacred powder - origianl amulets / Wat Nangphya
  8. Sacred powder - ancient amulets / Sukhothai province
  9. Sacred powder - ancient amulets / Kampangpaet province
  10. Sacred powder - ancient amulets / Kanchanaburi province
  11. Sacred powder - ancient amulets / Pitsanalok province
  12. Sacred powder - ancient Pra Rod, Pra Kong / Lampoon province
  13. Sacred powder called Mahawan fron Wat Khao-or, Patalung Province
  14. Sacred powder ground from old wrecked Prakru Srivichai amulets
  15. Sacred powder from Wat Changhai
  16.  Sacred powder gathered from 108 Thai Temples