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Khun Paen Kruba Duangdee
Khun Paen Kruba Duangdee
Amulet Ref : BA3325
Monk : Kruba Duang Dee
Temple : Wat Banfon
Year : BE 2555
Price : $ 155.00
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Khun Paen Kruba Duangdee Khun Paen Kruba Duangdee

A highly sought after Khun Paen amulet. The glazed ceramic variants, such as this example were made as a limited set and today are extremely uncommon and hard to acquire. Other variants include the gold painted pims  which are probably rarer (100 pims)  and the standard plain powder white and brown versions which are more common but nowhere near as attractive.  All together I believe 2,000 amulets were blessed. Certainly I would  have no hesitation to recommend this Khun Paen to anyone.

The incantations to bless these powerful Khun Paen amulets  a few years ago in  April BE 2555 were long and complicated and only a true adept such as Kruba Duangdee could summon the intensity of mental  power required. He was assisted by "Taywada Chan Soong" or high level spirits.

It is said that these amulets were blessed by the "Hand of God" referring to the legend of Khun Pon that adorns the front.



He created this Khun Paen for a specific reason, to help those who had experienced bad luck either in either their life or career.

This Khun Paen is made from hundreds of sacred materials but in particular Pong Yaa and Pong Puttakun. In fact each variant of the pim was  made with slightly different sacred components, for example, the gold faced variant made with Wahn Dok Tong is thought to be more efficacous for relationships.  All the pims are engraved with sacred Yant Akara known as Yant Lanna to further increase the power, the cumulative effect of which is to help the worshiper overcome all apparently insurmountable obstacles or difficulties in life.

One of the many sacred yant to the reverse "Yant Rahu Kaihua" is based on popular legend that anyone who has experienced bad luck can place Rahu Om in the mouth and all bad fate will immediately be resolved for the better. This yant is also known as "Hua Ror" or to laugh, essentially to spit out ones destined bad fortune.



In addition the yant "Hua Jai Khun Paen" is a powerful charm spell, "Sanay Maytdta Maha Niyom"  which can be used at any time to overcome fear of the unknown, increase confidence, congeniality and charisma.

Kruba Duangdee, Wat Banfon , Chang Mai province has unfortunately since passed away, but was known as the oldest living monk in Chang Mai. He was quietly spoken, but known to be  highly skilled and proficient with very few equals.

The Particular Khun Paen featured to the face of the amulet is Khun Pon Gaew Jakrapat Nakon Ping, a previous ruler of this northern state, who Kruba Wongdee is thought to have inherited arcane knowledge from (Wicha Aakom Gao). Interestingly and little known is that he was also a late student of Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahanrai.

A previous ruler of Changmai, the name "Gaew" originates from the legend that he held a glass (hand of God) which radiated with light, a light which extended down from the heavens. It was compared with a glass full of majestic jewels which could be used to decorate and honour the city state of Nakhon Ping ChangMai.

If anyone is interested in the gold face variant I do have one in my personal collection.

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