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Pra Somdej Pim Keschaiyo 7 Chan
Pra Somdej Pim Keschaiyo 7 Chan
Amulet Ref : BA1800
Monk : Pra Buddachan Toh
Temple : Wat Pho Kriab
Price : $ 225.00
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Pra Somdej Pim Keschaiyo 7 Chan Pra Somdej Pim Keschaiyo 7 Chan

Somdej Prok Pho / Pim Keschaiyo - Kru Wat Pho Kriab, Angthong


When I first introduced amulets from Wat Khun In to the overseas market a number of years back it created somewhat of a controversy.  Nowadays they are of course far more accepted in the market as collectors have become better informed.

This particular series of Somdej amulets is very much similar, originating from angthong province.
I present the known facts without distortion. You decide for yourself but ultimately these pims could prove to be a very wise investment.

I choose to bring this information to you now as the level of interest within Thailand about these pims has been gathering serious pace over the last year.

I am sure you are all aware that Somdej Toh blessed a number of well known Somdej amulets including the Wat Keschaiyo pims.

There is strong evidence to suggest that he also created and blessed the Keschaiyo pim for Wat Phho Kriab of the same province and were stored in a secret kru.


In fact this is a very popular legend chronicled at the time due to the fact that LP Yuak, an Abbot of the temple, was also the ecclesiastical district officer at the time that the original Somdej Toh Keschaiyo pims were known to have been blessed.

In my opinion, and that of many others, more than just a coincidence

Wat Pho Kriab was built in B.E.2345 at the start of the Thai Ratanakosin Dynasty and is located at Sam Ngam Sub-district, Photong, Angtong Province. 

During its 200 year history an exact record of the Abbots has not been maintained, but it is known that the following have all held the position at various times.


1. Luang Phor Rerng
2. Luang Phor Yaem

3. Prakru Photisarasunthorn, (Luang Poo Rod) / LP Yuak B.E.2460- 2484
4. Prakru Juntrabhotikun, B.E.2484-2521
5. Prakru Palad Pairot, B.E.2522 onwards.

It was during the period that LP Ror was abbot that the  Pra Somdej Keschaiyo amulets thought to have been created by Buddhachan Toh were given to worshippers at the temple.

It is known that these amulets were not created by the temple, or Luang Poo Rod, although they were named “Pra Somdej Wat Pho Kriab Reun Raek” (First-Version Pra Somdej amulets)


Wat Pho Kriab today

It is also known that Luang Poo Rod had given away many other types of amulets to his followers but the creator has not been identified.

The tradition of the Keschaiyo pims was continued with the following abbot, Prakru Juntrabhotikun, who created a new series “Pra Somdej Wat Pho Kriab Reun 2” or second version Phra Somdej, which were crteated a s a series of 8 different pims, all very similar to the original Wat Keschaiyop pims.


The original amulets are well documented in many books, so question about authenticity.

You can be sure I will be writing a lot more about these amulets over the coming weeks….

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