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1.  Phor Tan Mui - Pitda Nam Mon Kwai (Article)
  Phor Tan Mui, Nakhon Sri Tammarat
2.  Phra Reussi (Article)
3.  Luang Phor Ngern BE 2528 (Article)
  Whilst many series of Luang Phor Ngern amulets are priced more than 1,000,000 baht/each, the B.E.2528 pims are considerably less expensive yet considered equally as powerful. Indeed these amulets gained the name Bpern Dtak or Broken gun after the
4.  Wat Chalermpragiat amulets - Another legendry Pra Somdej pim  (Article)
5.  Khun Paen (Phra Kru) Suphanburi / Wat Praroop (Article)
6.  Pra Kru, Wat Tap Peung Sukothai (Article)
7.  Pra Somdej Kai Adisorn - LP Tim BE 2514 (Article)
8.  Phra Kring BE 2515 LP Tim (Article)
9.  LP Thuad BE 2506, Wat Chaeng, Songkhla (Article)
10.  LP Hok Pra Gradook Pee (Gen 1 and Gen 2) (Article)
11.  Ajahn Chum - Pra Thepnimit and Pra Khun Paen BE 2496 (Article)
12.  Phra Rod - Wat Pra Singh (Article)
13.  Nam Man Ajahn Chum (Article)
14.  Takrut Mai Pai LP Jun (Article)
15.  Takrut - LP Gune (Article)
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