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1.  Ajahn Nong 2514 LP Thuad (Article)
  Phra Ajahn Nong, the former abbot of Wat Saikhao created the very first Luang Phor Thuiad amulets at Wat Saikhao in BE 2514. Ajahn Nong was the close disciple of Phra Ajahn Tim from Wat Chang Hai, also the first monk to create such amulets both in
2.  Luamg Phor In - Boa Skin Takrut (Article)
  Boa Skin Takrut
3.  Kruba Wang - Pha Yant (Article)
4.  Ajahn Chum Chaikiri - A Comprehensive Reference (Article)
  Ahahn Chum Chaikiri - A Comprehensive Reference guide to his various batches of amulets.
5.  Ajahn Chum - BE 2497 (Article)
6.  Luk Om Pong Prai Guman LP Tim  (Article)
  On the 5th April BE 2555 The Thai government's public relations department reported news of the discovery of a Kru at Wat Sam Nak Kam that contained Luk Om amulets blessed by Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahanrai, Rayong.
7.  LP Ngern BE 2515 pims - A simple explanation  (Article)
8.  Hoon Payont - A precise explanation (Article)
  The Hoon Payont or robot amulet is a popular pim but relatively few people actually have a good understanding of this amulet, myself included or indeed realise that it is quite an old amulet and not a modern day pim as the name may suggest.
9.  Luang Phor Tim Wat Lahanrai Banju Kru (Article)
  The late recovery of these Luang Phor Tim amulets, (BE 2520-30) placed them under heavy scrutiny, and originally were not accepted as genuine, in fact they were often referred to as Pee Yud Kru or amulets placed in the kru by ghosts
10.  Luang Phor Sai - Khun Paen Guman Doodrok (Article)
  This particular amulet known as Guman Thong-Doodrok is composed of various kinds of black magic
11.  Pra Pitda Na Gae (Ivory) LP Kron (Article)
12.  Pra Pitda Song Na- LP Kron (Article)
13.  Phra Kru Beung Phraya Suren  (Article)
14.  LP Tim Pitda Dream Maker Variants (Article)
15.  Pra Kru Wat Bang Krathing (Article)
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