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1.  LP Toh - Somdej BE 2517 (Article)
  This is the 4th (last) in a series of Phra Somdej amulets that were made of lead by Mr Kijja Vajasaj. All his amulets were donated to LP Toh who then recited the sacred spell for the amulets on October 4, B.E.2517. A total of 2,517 amulets were conse
2.  Seu Yant - Sacred Clothing (Article)
  Seu Yant is a shirt made of linen cloth with yant (sacred spells) and divinities inscribed on it's surface. Its is worn as an under-garment for protection against weapons, evil and danger whilst at the same tiime blesing the woshipper with luck and f
3.  LP Daeng Pim Ganmali and Pim Disco (Article)
  The two most sought after Luang Fhor Daeng first generation Somdej amulets are Pim Ganmali and Pim Disco, both are very expensive but in my opinion rate as possibly some of the most beautiful amulets ever created
4.  Luang Phor Thuad - Wat Dee Luang BE 2505 (Article)
  This series of amulets were consecrated in BE 2505 by the Abbot of Wat Dee Luang, Phra Lan Kancano.
5.  Kruba Kritsana - In Loving Memory (Article)
  This is without doubt one of the most special amulets ever created by Kruba kritsana. An amulet that represents an expression of his love, honour and respect for a mother who passed away. It should be of no surprise that this amulet, the only one in
6.  Mitmor Luang Phor Kalong (Article)
  LP Kalongs Mit Mor, first batch, all hand carved. This is not the typical mass produced item. This mitmor was consecrated by Luang Phor Kalong for almost two years, through seven blessing ceremonies beginning in BE 2548 and culminating at Wat Suth
7.  Phra Kring Luang Phor Kalong - 1st Batch (Article)
  Phra Kring Luang Phor Kalong - 1st Batch
8.  LP Kalong Phra Payak Kiewdap (Article)
  LP Kalong Phra Payak Kiewdap
9.  Bia Gae Luang Phor Jurah - A Practical Guide (Article)
  This Bia Gae made from a conch shell and tied gold embroidered thread. Inside is liquid mercury and a takrut to protect the worshipper from evil and other inauspicious threats.
10.  Luang Phor Thongdam - 1st Gen Khun Paen (Article)
  Khun Paen Chaosap Chaosaneh (Khun paen Amulet for wealth and charm) covered by silver plate and with two amulets of rolled brass.
11.  The Buddhist Rosary or Mala (Article)
  The rosary, or mala is an important part of a Buddhist monk's attire, usually consisting of 108 smooth beads, corresponding to the number of mental conditions or sinful desires that can be overcome by recitation with the beads.
12.  Luk Om - A brief Introduction (Article)
  Luk-om are an ancient form of amulet usually associated with warfare. These amulets as the name Luk Om (candy) suggests were placed in the mouth as a form of protection during battle.
13.  Luk Om Luang Phor Tim (Article)
14.  The geatest Khun Paen ever sacralised (Article)
  Khun Paen BE 2506
15.  Luang Phor Daeng - Wat Parinayok (Article)
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