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1.  Phra Pitda - Phor Tan Mui (Article)
2.  Luang Phor Wong - King Worm Amulets (Article)
3.  SolosMongkol Takruts (Article)
  The Solosmongkol Takrut amulets originated several hundred years ago during Ayudhaya period, when they were originally made of either metal or stone plates.
4.  Pra Pitda Ajhan Noo, Wat Pho (Article)
5.  Phra Kleep Bua, Wat Lingkob (Article)
  Somdej Toh (BE 2331-2415) was formally known as Phra Buddhachan Toh Phomrangsi. He was one of the most famous Buddhist monks during the Rattanakosin era. He left with us his lasting legacy and a blessing through his many amulets, something that the
6.  Benjapakee A Modern Collection (Article)
  Benjapakee A Modern Collection
7.  Phra Rod and Phra Kong - Lamphun (Article)
  The present day Lamphun Province was originally known as Haripunchai, an ancient city 1,343 years old. According to the Yonok Chronicle, Haripunchai was founded by two holy men.
8.  Phra Lamphun - Historical Perspective (Article)
  Among the Hairpunjaya tablets, Phra Rod, Phra Kong and Phra Bang were recovered in the greatest numbers.. As mentioned previously this group comprises of some of the most popular amulets amongst collectors in Thailand today
9.  Phra Nangphya (Article)
  Part of the grand set of five, (Benjapakee) This is a pyramid shaped clay amulet of a seated Buddha with slightly oversized head, broad and straight shoulders, seated with right hand touching the ground in victory. They are from chedis in Pitsanulok
10.  Phra Khun Paen, Luang Phor Choo (Article)
  Without doubt one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful love amulet ever created. Own one of these amulets and you will be amongst a privileged few and that is not an exaggeration.
11.  Pim Sum Rakhang - LP Nak (Article)
  Luang Poo Nak was a close follower of Somdej Pra Buddhacharn Toh, the famous monk who created of the extreme sacred Pra Somdej amulets of Wat Rakhang, Bangkok. He mastered every step of the creation from the sacred powders to the consecration.
12.  Luang Phor Doem - Leklai (Article)
  Phra kruniwasdharmakun or Luang Por Derm of Wat Nongpo, Nakonsawan province, is one of the more famous senior monks in Thailand who specialized in the creation of leklai amulets, the mysterious supernatural substance held sacred by many people across
13.  Luang Phor Doem, Luang Phor Kaant & Luang Phor Noi (Article)
  Luang Phor Kant, the disciple of Luang Phor Doem, inherited this knowledge, and continued the tradition, creating some of the most potent Mitmor ever made. He was born around BE 2420 and entered the priesthood in BE 2440, passing away in BE 2513. His
14.  LP Daeng 2513 Somdej - Yant upside down is it fake? (Article)
  LP Daeng 2513 Somdej - Yant upside down is it fake?
15.  Pra Kru Wat Bangpa-In (Article)
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