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1.  Luang Phor Thuad Pim Yai - B.E.2502  (Article)
  This little known and rare amulet is without question the very best substitute for the Wat Changhai BE 2497 LP Thuad pim. Many experts go further than this and state that this is the BE 2497 pim but a second batch. The appearance and composi
2.  Luang Phor Thuad - Wat Dee Luang BE 2505 (Article)
  Luang Phor Thuad - Wat Dee Luang BE 2505 This series of amulets were consecrated in BE 2505 by the Abbot of Wat Dee Luang, Phra Lan Kancano.
3.  Luang Phor Ferng - Wat Nok (Article)
  Wat Nok , official name, Wat Sakunaram, is a famous temple of Angtong Province. Established during the Kingdom of Ayudhya it was deserted for decades until renovated by Luang Poo Ferng, a monk better known for the creation of Pra Wat Nok amulets.
4.  Luang Phor Suang  (Article)
  Sacred Amulets Blessed by Luang Phor Suang BE 2519 Essentially there have been two major batches of amulets known as the first generation pims, blessed in BE 2519 and the second generation pims blessed in BE 2539
5.  Wat Suthat BE 2484 (Article)
  Luang Phor Suphot, a senior monk of Wat Suthat, Bangkok, created a special series of Phra Somdej amulets in BE 2484 known as "Phra Somdej Bai Bhoti Indochine".
6.  Pra Somdej Kru Khun Intapramul  (Article)
7.  Phra Kring Klongtakian (Article)
  Phra Kring Klongtakian amulets are without doubt the most famous and have been noted to protect worshippers from danger and weapons.
8.  Wat Prasat BE 2506 (Article)
  Hundreds of monks attended the blessing ceremony including some of the most famous monks ever known in Thai history
9.  Phra Kru LP Ngern Wat Bangklan BE 2515 & BE 2525 (Article)
10.  Phra Nangphya, Ajahn Tanom (Article)
11.  Phra Pong Suphan (Article)
12.  Phra Pitda LP Tim (Wat Lahanrai) (Article)
13.  LP Koon - Pra Pitda BE 2537 (Article)
14.  Phra Kru Wat Makhamtao - Luang Phor Suk (Article)
  Phra Kru Luang Phor Suk, Wat Makhamtao
15.  Luang Phor Tim Wat Pailom Sao Ha (Article)
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