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Pra Pitda Jumbo, LP Huat
Pra Pitda Jumbo, LP Huat
Amulet Ref : BA1890
Monk : Luang Phor Huat
Temple : Wat Hua Tanon Dtai
Year : BE 2480
Price : $ 119.00
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Pra Pitda Jumbo, LP Huat Pra Pitda Jumbo, LP Huat


Luang Phor Huat, Wat Hua Tanon Dtai, Nakon Sawan

LP Huat Kantuo, Wat Hua Thanon Tai, Ta Tako District, Nakhon Sawan province was a well known old and highly respected monk who worked tirelessly to serve the local community  by offering prayers, building infrastructure and creating amulets for merit.



He was the disciple of LP Doem, Wat Nong Poh and also LP Klai of Wat Pnom-Rok .

He was originally named  Mr. Huat Pongtong, born on Monday, 6th June BE 2447, in the year of the Dragon. His date of birth was aligned to the waning days of the seventh lunar night of the 7th month of the year. His birthplace was Baan Don Wai , a town located in the district of Tup Tun, within Uthaithani province.

In the year BE 2466, LP Huat Kantuo , aged 20, he was ordained a monk with the help of LP Klai as his perecptor, before receiving his new name as Kan-Tuo. (Later on, LP Klai was promoted to the Dean of Ta Tako District, changing his name to Pra-Ni-Pun-Tum-Ma-Ar-jaan).

After ordination, LP Huat Kantuo remained with LP Klai in order further his studies and seek for enlightenment within the path of Buddhism.

LP Huat Kantuo was eventually transferred to be Wat Hua Thanon Tai.  At this point of his life he was making serious contributions to the community including the construction of two local schools in the years BE 2505 and BE 2507, Paving the main road to his village in BE 2511, contsruction of  a damn in BE 2525 to assist in the collection of  water for villagers in Lum Huay District and construction of various temple buildings and hospitals  throughout the province. In fact he spent almost his entire life planning infrastructure  and water management systems. He firmly believed that education was the key to life

LP Huat Kantuo has first started to learn about Buddhist sacred sciences, Wityakom, from his preceptor LP Klai. (Incidentally LP Klai and LP Doem collaborated  on the creation of the Tawi-Paki rien after the establishing the Pnom-Rok Temple in BE 2483).


Phra Pitda Jumbo

LP Huat Kantuo developed a close relationship with Luang Phor Doem and inherited much of his knowledge. In fact they worked together to establish and/or improve many temples  within Ta Tako district such as Wat Tum-Nob, Wat Nong-Pai, Wat Kao-Lor, Wat Don-Ka, Wat Coke-Makawid,  Wat Pnom-Rok, Wat Nong-Luang, and Wat Hua-Tanon-Nua.

LP Huat has also acquired knowledge of various specialist sacred sciences from many other monks, including wicha to create takrut from LP Put in Po-tong District, Ang Tong Province. The science to create holy water from LP Nor at Klang Ta Rua Temple in Ayutthaya Province. The science to create  Pong Mayt-Dtaa Maha Niyom  Chok Lahp from LP Sak at Wat Wang Kradon Yai Temple in Pai-Sali District, Nakhon Sawan Province.



LP Huat Kantuo has passed away on Wednesday 26th.August BE 2525 at Wat Hua Tanon aged 88. The Higher Committee of the Temple placed LP Huat Kantuo’s body into  transparent coffin. Surprisingly, LP Huat’s soulless body did not show any signs of decay despite the fact it was placed in a normal glass coffin with air ventilation.

On every Thai New Year (Songkran Festival), the monks would to dress LP Huat’s body with new robes. Today, his body is  placed on top of the Vihaan Jatu-Mooh at Wat Hua Tanon Tai The villagers named him as the ‘Monk of villagers’.

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